@artkavanagh Seems like a constant in life 😄

@fgtech True. True.

@fgtech Yeah, it’s hard to argue with the idea that it’s a key factor in enabling large scale internet monopolies.

@artkavanagh Yeah, I think you're right.

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@fgtech true. True.

@fgtech definitely.

@fgtech Yeah, that’s a good point. That post’s idea of good writing is quite limited

@ayjay Thanks! That’s very useful to know. 🙂

Most of those who have a fetish for first principles thinking are actually utterly ignorant about the field they are FTPing™. To the point where they don‘t have enough expertise to even recognise what that field‘s first principles actually are and frequently swap cause and effect.

(As in “every time I see that it’s raining, the pavements are wet, so wet pavements must cause rain” which is a really easy mistake to make when you’re seeing rain and wet pavements for the first time in your life.)

When a techie or finance person develops a fetish for First Principles Thinking™ it‘s almost always due to impatience. They want shortcuts to enlightenment and aren’t willing to put in the work of studying a field for years.

This leads to garbage writing and half-baked ideas.

@artkavanagh This is true! It’s even how I subscribe to 90% of the substacks that I follow.

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@artkavanagh His blog is great! Highly recommended.

@ChrisJWilson Yeah, the idea that automatic/lazy backlinks would end up just cluttering things up and make actually useful links harder to find makes a lot of sense.

@jack Same.

@jack Yeah, that’s a very good point. My impression at this point is entirely anecdotal. Mostly that a writer’s sudden public interest in notetaking esoterica tends to be followed by less interesting writing.

@jack I laughed :-D

@pkra@mathstodon.xyz Writing less. Although I keep meaning to start again now that things are quieter. We also managed to get more funding at work so there's less uncertainty going on in the near term.

Also realising now that I had notifications turned off on the Micro.blog iOS app so I keep missing responses on here :-D Have turned them back on so hopefully that won't be an issue.

@pkra@mathstodon.xyz Yeah, I'm in a similar place regarding footnotes.

@MitchWagner Yeah, I'm generally the same.

@jack Yeah, I’m currently browsing through his notes and thoroughly enjoying his ideas and concepts. 🙂

@odd Yeah. I know the feeling.

@pkra@mathstodon.xyz Yeah. I’m similar in that I can’t let go of the idea that web components must have a ‘killer app’ so to speak, we just haven’t figured out what it is.

@pkra@mathstodon.xyz Oooh, I’d forgotten about that one.