“Neurodiversity and UX: Essential Resources for Cognitive Accessibility by Stéphanie Walter - UX Researcher & Designer.”

“The many (many) ways I’ve backdoored your dependencies and other supply chain attacks”

“Why Meta Stock Is Plummetting After Earnings Beat Expectations - Barron’s”

The problem with using rituals and magic incantations to juke the stock market—VR!, AR!, AI!—is that eventually incantations backfire and have the opposite effect. This is, like, Folklore 101.

“Slingshot. — Ethan Marcotte”

“Civil War (the movie) is a blunt object. - by Dave Karpf”

This review makes me actually want to go out and see this movie

“Spotify CEO Daniel Ek surprised at negative impact of laying off 1,500 Spotify employees | Fortune”

I’d say tech execs are clowns who don’t take their job seriously and are just spouting nonsense for the stock market while their orgs burn…

But genuine clowns would actually do a better job

It’ll be interesting to see next week what effect posting pro-worker stuff next week on International Worker’s Day will have on each social media platform

My guess? I think Mastodon and the corner of BlueSky I’m on are broadly pro-union. But Linkedin? Probably not

‘The Labor Movement Must Learn How to Exploit “Choke Points”’

This seems broadly appropriate as International Worker’s Day draws near.

“The Aura of Care. – Faster and Worse”

“The Man Who Killed Google Search”

“Word Count 73: Write Start competition, an ecofont saves trees, the Origin Story of zombies — Chocolate and Vodka”

Reminder: mass layoffs usually trigger a cycle of dysfunction. So, to take a hypothetical example, if an already dysfunctional car company lays off 10-20% of their staff—much of which will be sales staff—odds are that their overall numbers a year from now will be much worse, not better

“WSJ: The AI industry spent 17x more on Nvidia chips than it brought in in revenue”

Linking to a reddit thread just for the headline quote they found in a paywalled WSJ article feels a bit weird but…

This 17x number is just for chips so the actual cost x revenue multiplier is much higher in reality

99% of tech social media:

“I like this thing, but people say it’s bad so here is a list of self-serving reasons why I should be allowed to like it. They’re my soothing koans to calm the phantom pain of my long-amputated conscience”

“No, none of them actually address the criticism. Why do you ask?”

“BFCache explained”

I know it’s unrealistic to feel this way, but it’s always disappointing when you get something wrong or make a mistake. Bleh.

“Moving on from Mocha, Chai and nyc.”

Yup, for node dev at least “node –test” and “node:assert” is absolutely good enough. (Mocha via web-test-runner is still IMO the best option for front-end unit testing, tho.)

“GitHub - ai-robots-txt/ai.robots.txt: A list of AI agents and robots to block.”

“Considerations for AI Opt-Out”

Good overview of the state of play.

“GitHub comments abused to push malware via Microsoft repo URLs”


For today’s #caturday, a few pictures from late 2022 when Kolka had just recently arrived at my sister’s and was still in the process of getting acclimated to people and investigating her surroundings

Kolka, a black cat with a white spot on her chest, looks up at her surroundings with curiosity.Kolka, paws up on the furniture, discovering the thing people call “sofa”Kolka sitting and taking in the living room.A picture of the cat as she is just starting to relax around the photographer (my sister).

“No tech for apartheid is within its rights to protest”

Looking at their reaction to US anti-trust action, EU regulations, and the AI Bubble and it feels like the US tech exec class and hangers-on has just gone completely off the rails irrational?

Like a sad clown with rabies screaming at shadows—makeup streaking from the froth around their mouths

“Scientists push new paradigm of animal consciousness”

This is what I discovered while researching my “AI risks” book: we’ve systematically UNDERestimated the intelligence and consciousness of animals while at the same OVERestimating the intelligence of machines and software

“You can’t stop AI crime and abuse now! The genie is out of the bottle!”

It costs literal billions, a small ocean’s worth of water, and electricity that could power nations to keep that genie out of the bottle. They absolutely do not have to make the abuses this easy or cheap