Debating business issues, such as the business risks of generative models, standardisation, or structural risks of mass lay-offs is near impossible because managers tend to have “MBA Brain”, where bullshit stories (“case studies”) have more evidentiary weight than studies or structured research

“Unexplanations: query optimization works because sql is declarative”

One of my new year’s resolutions was to stop debating the incoherent AI claims MBA and tech bro types on private Slacks or mailing lists, but they just keep saying so much dumb stuff that it’s hard to just sit on your fingers and ignore them.

“PWAs wont replace native iOS apps”

The reason? Bugs, bugs, and more bugs.

“AI search is a doomsday cult”

To even entertain the idea of building AI-powered search engines means, in some sense, that you are comfortable with eventually being the reason those creators no longer exist.

I’d use the phrase “he’s the sort of person who would enthusiastically tries to get his posts to the top of Hacker News” as a scathing insult more often if it weren’t for the fact that those types would see it as a compliment

I wonder if people writing about how the sound or colour transformed cinema, or how TV changed radio, had to deal with responses insisting that it was nonsense, things don’t change that much, and that writing about these things was akin to the Romans complaining about the youth of their day

“Tell that watcher at the gates of your mind to eff off — Chocolate and Vodka”

This post is excellent advice. A few years ago I went through a similar process of reading up on improv to unlearn some of my bad practices and it changed how I write on a fundamental level (first draft at least)

“It’s a process; not a product – Terence Eden’s Blog”

“JSR first impressions”

All those words and not one of them on the issues caused by ownership of a package repository

The features of JSR don’t really matter. Going from a Microsoft-owned npm to a VC-owned (via Deno) JSR is not progress

“Why is JavaScript fragile? | Go Make Things”

Devs often dismiss HTML and CSS as toys. But the simplicity and robustness means that any time a feature can be implemented in HTML/CSS, that implementation will be substantially more reliable and less buggy than the same feature in JS

“How Allowing Copyright On AI-Generated Works Could Destroy Creative Industries | Techdirt”

I generally don’t think Mike is pessimistic enough about the AI Bubble, but in this case he’s spot on. Allowing copyright on model-generated works would be an extinction event for creative industries

“Husbands ‘create extra seven hours of housework a week’ | The Independent | The Independent”

Dudes! WTF?

“Dopamine for Me, Addiction for Thee – mssv”

It is wrong to use dopamine in place of “addiction” or “habit-forming” but everyone does it anyway.

“Microsoft Is Spying on Users of Its AI Tools - Schneier on Security”

This is an inevitability with all cloud services, and with code copilots much of the industry’s coding activity that used to be private is now in the cloud and fully analysable by Microsoft.

“The AI community needs to take copyright lawsuits seriously”

Maybe people will take this more seriously when a law professor says it. They certainly weren’t paying attention when I was making the same argument.

Clearly, I’m taking Linkedin by storm. The Linkedin king. That’s me.

A screenshot of an email that says: “Linkedin: Last week, your posts received 8 post impressions. View your analytics. Top performing post last week.”

“On The Enshittification of Everything!”

It’s remarkable to discover just how many people have both poor taste and judgement and uncomfortable to discover how many “intellectuals” fall completely for delusional bubble hype.

“A Global Documentation Platform - Piccalilli”

“How Google is killing independent sites like ours - HouseFresh”

Sites that do genuine research and actual testing are getting crushed between big media sites that get a pass from Google for spammy rewrites and incoherent generated crap that scores incredibly high in the results

“Subprime Intelligence”

I hope I am wrong. I hope that the bottom doesn’t fall out of AI, and that the startup ecosystem grows, and that this all becomes profitable and that everything will be fine.

Where I find out that I’m clearly way more mean-spirited than Ed

“Static Site Generators and CMS’s | Go Make Things”

I had totally missed the weird EOL of and the migration over to TinaCMS. What happened there? Seems like an abrupt end to a product with paying customers.

“The State of the Culture, 2024 - by Ted Gioia”

This turned out to be a better read than I expected. A few years ago I would have dismissed its observations out of hand, but today they have the weight that can’t be denied

“What’s the fun in writing on the internet anymore?”

The purpose of expression is expression.

“’Novel’ AI-made materials not actually new – study”

Published report ‘should be retracted as the main claim of discovery is wrong’, UCL chemistry professor tells us

These kind of shenanigans are the norm for “AI” research, which is why you should not trust any study that feeds the hype