“How to Draw a Wireframe (Even if You Can’t Draw)”

“Pixels of the Week – June 20, 2021 by Stéphanie Walter - UX designer & Mobile Expert.”

“To Learn a New UX Skill, Read an Old Book”

“UTC is Enough for Everyone, Right?”

“Don’t Feed the Thought Leaders - Earthly Blog”

“Robin Rendle ・ The web is too damn complex”

“We’re often told that we live in the greatest era of technological progress in history. But this can’t be true if the technologies we depend on are hard to use.”

Today’s must-read.

“Leveraging System Fonts on the Web - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

Any time I see somebody use the word ‘rational’ to describe themselves in a social media profile I assume that they actually mean “will fight tooth and nail to preserve all my biases, preconceptions, and superstitions”.

“The COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory Is Short on Evidence and Long on Guesswork”

“Safari 15 and Chickenshit Minimalism — Pixel Envy”

“The Power of Inversion 🔃 - Refactoring”

Whenever you read reviews of any kind of Icelandic content (TV, movies, novels) you need to dial it down at least five notches. Everything Icelandic gets a massive review bump because people absolutely adore the setting. So crap plot, dialogue, story, etc. gets a pass.

Gleðilega þjóðhátíð!

Happy Independence Day! (In Iceland.)

I don’t know which is worse, the idea that the Chrome team thinks that nobody wants to use modern (i.e. module-based) JS in SVG (or XHTML) or the possibility that they may be true.


“Why America Overrates Scientific Research - The Atlantic”

“content-visibility: the new CSS property that boosts your rendering performance”

“New aspect-ratio CSS property supported in Chromium, Safari Technology Preview, and Firefox Nightly”

“The MBA Pathology - Silicon Valley Product Group”

“Abstraction and Implementation – Jorge Arango”

“Maurice Parker - Zavala 1.0 released”

“It is free and Open Source and will be forever, so you have nothing to lose”

Interesting little outliner.

“Kirkville - How the Audio Industry is Deceiving Consumers with High-Resolution Audio”

“Kirkville - Why Hi-Res Lossless Music from Apple Music Won’t Sound Different when Played on Macs (Unless You Change a Setting)”

“CSS Frameworks, hype and dogmatism - Piccalilli”

I’m actually in favour of frameworks under some circumstances, but too often they market themselves by claiming that the platform is broken.

“Fuck Glory – Startups are One Long Con - Stacking the Bricks”