You’ll know that Windows finally cares about UX when it starts to hide the cursor when you’re typing.

“Why do Webdevs keep trying to kill REST?”

Decent overview from the GraphQL perspective. It seems probable that education on REST is probably poor among frontend devs. Most of their discussions on REST don’t reflect what I’d consider RESTful practices.

“Why Bad CEOs Fear Remote Work - Scott Berkun”

The default management style for most modern companies is authoritarian command-and-control, which is hard (but not impossible) to do remotely. Foucault-style office panopticons are easier to pull off in an open office.

In case any of you have ideas or helpful suggestions: I’ve been putting together a library for dealing with EPUB and LPF files in node.js and I’m not quite sure where to take it next. Your thoughts are welcome.…

For some reason tourists think that the burning hot lava is just decorative. Decent chance we’ll see some of them immolate themselves before this eruption abates.…

“The Long Tail - Bristol & Bath Creative R&D”

“between 2005 and 2013 the number of writers making a living from their work fell from 40 to 11.5%”

“Eurogamer Closes Its Forums And Moves Its Readers To Discord”

“Please Stop Closing Forums And Moving People To Discord”

“The Future of CSS: Cascade Layers (CSS layer) –”

This looks really useful. Could also go a long way towards making CSS more accessible as a language.

“Grainy Gradients - CSS-Tricks”

Remember tho, that SVG filters and complex SVGs in HTML are buggy as hell in most browsers. Firefox is the least bad of the bunch while Chrome and Safari race to the bottom.

“Reducing The Need For Pseudo-Elements — Smashing Magazine”

“Reducing The Need For Pseudo-Elements — Smashing Magazine”

“Monotype Announces the Acquisition of Iconic Type Foundry Hoefler&Co. - Monotype”

This seems to be the week for independents getting acquired.

“In Quest of Search”

“On why I think adding a new HTML sectioning element for search is a good idea.”

“Should we make deprecation more prescriptive?”

Just don’t deprecate APIs that have cross-platform support. Deprecate APIs that don’t have cross-platform support and are Chrome-exclusive. Those are Google products and people are used to being shafted by Google products.

“An Idea from Computer Science That Can Change Your Life – Jorge Arango”

For a moment there, I was filled with an overwhelming nostalgia for writing with WordPerfect on DOS.

It passed, thankfully.

“Aggregators aren’t open-ended - by Gordon Brander - Subconscious”

“I Didn’t Come Here to Make Enemies – Lucy Bellwood”

“Hacking CloudKit - How I accidentally deleted your Apple Shortcuts - Detectify Labs”


“MailChimp: an inequitous acquisition”

Kinda glad I’m not a MailChimp user, tbh.

“Touch the keys”

“Designing Beautiful Shadows in CSS”

“All of a sudden, things started making so much more sense. CSS is a language that rewards those who go deep.”

“Adactio: Journal—Stakeholders of styling”

“How to write about web performance - Read the Tea Leaves”

“Learning and Being Wrong - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”