“A launch.json setting for end-to-end web development - Christian Heilmann”

This looks pretty interesting.

“Yanis Varoufakis on Crypto & the Left, and Techno-Feudalism”

This was a much much more interesting read than I expected.

“The five Levels of Hype”

“GitHub - skymethod/denoflare: Develop, test, and deploy Cloudflare Workers with Deno”

Interesting approach. Not really ready for use but worth keeping an eye on.

“Working with web performance budgets”

“Pulp Futures - by Anne Trubek - Notes from a Small Press”

“Google Ends Security Updates for Its Pixel 3 Line Just Three Years After Launch — Pixel Envy”

I’m not sure people outside of tech truly appreciate how short the support window is for most Android devices.

“Improve equity in software by not negotiating salaries”

So, eggjs looks like a really sensible and pragmatic node server framework built on Koa. Looks interesting enough for me to kind of wonder why more people aren’t talking about it?


“An Introduction To CSS Cascade Layers — Smashing Magazine”

Probably the most important addition to CSS since absolute positioning

So this video is much better than it has any right to be. Long because it actually covers the subject. Highly recommend.

“The Problem With NFTs”

AFAICT, Iceland is the only country in the European Economic Area that doesn’t have Apple TV + or the Apple Book store. They’re the only major streaming service I know of who have excluded Iceland when rolling out to the Nordic countries

Did we piss off Tim Cook somehow? 😝

Building tools for thought that record ideas in the same form and shape as they are in your head is like building a shovel by replicating the shape of your hands. The tool you need has to have one end that fits you (the grip of the shovel) and one end that is shaped for the job.

“CSS-only External Link Favicons—zachleat.com”

“CoinDesk: conflicts of interest make journalists more independent, apparently – Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain”

“NFTs means the future value of art is zero – Terence Eden’s Blog”

“That’s Not What They Are Hearing”

Whenever I’ve said “I’m worried about X” to a manager what I’ve meant is “I think your decisions about X are misguided and borderline disastrous” but that’s never what they hear

“Stop paying tech debts, start maintaining code”

Changing the name of something businesses are fundamentally uninterested in doing won’t make them do it.

“A Deep CSS Dive Into Radial And Conic Gradients — Smashing Magazine”

Huge fan of conic gradients. Use them a lot in projects lately.

“Sampling bias, FDR, and The State of JS”

This blog post is much too kind to surveys like the various State of * efforts but it’s a start.

What on earth possessed the ChromeOS team to think that audio focus was a good idea? Not being able to play two videos at the same time or a video and audio is pretty damn limiting.

“The Great Hiring Debacle Continues - Think Different”

“Adactio: Journal—Installing progressive web apps”

This is amazing. Eleventy provides a set of free API services you can use. And you can even self-host them on Netlify if you want.

“Complexity Debt - Stay SaaSy”