‘The Illusion Of Developer “Productivity” Opens The Door To Snake Oil – Codemanship’s Blog’

Agree completely.

“The Beat is looking for a Managing Editor”

“Elon Musk and the Infinite Rebuy - by Dave Karpf”

“Weeknote: 25 September 2023”

A long one this week. Mostly because I’m using the journal format to work through a few thoughts on work-related setbacks.

“Build Great Software By Repeatedly Encountering It - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

“The invisible problem – Scott Jenson”

Text editing on mobile isn’t ok. It’s actually much worse than you think, an invisible problem no one appreciates.

Are there actually people out there who think that mobile text editing is ok?

If so, then that explains a lot.

“Writing Is Thinking - by John Warner”

Easily this week’s best read.

“Google’s New Gmail Tool Is Hallucinating Emails That Don’t Exist”


“Writers and talkers and leaders, oh my! | everything changes”

“React is slow at its very core | Go Make Things”

The golden rule of JavaScript: more abstractions means worse performance.

More abstractions also make the code harder to reason about and harder to fix.

“How to escape CSS selectors in JavaScript | Stefan Judis Web Development”

“Elegant and powerful new result that seriously undermines large language models”

Like I’ve been saying for a while now: LLMs do not think or reason. They are not on the path to AGI. They are extremely limited correlation and text synthesis machines.

‘”AI”, and the trouble with inaccessible SaaS - localghost’

“Speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem - Polyfills gone rogue”

“Google Books – search results confuse reviewers with authors – Terence Eden’s Blog”

“Patterns for Reactivity with Modern Vanilla JavaScript | Frontend Masters”

I see that AI boosters advocating we change copyright law, globally, in ways that contravene established law and practice in most countries, and are incompatible with a number of international treaties, just to give AI works copyright protection

That’s very unlikely to happen

“Adactio: Links—Statement on Generative AI | Ben Myers”

“Statement on Generative AI | Ben Myers”

Agree completely.

“Building like it’s 1984: A comprehensive guide to creating intuitive context menus - Height”

Interesting overview of what context menus do. They’re one of those things, tho, that nobody gets right if implementing from scratch. I’ve never seen a web app pull it off

“ChatGPT Caught Giving Horrible Advice to Cancer Patients”

Like I’ve said in the past: this AI bubble is likely to kill people and everybody hyping it is contributing to that risk.

“Don’t prematurely optimize for performance | Go Make Things”

“Why I chose Codepen PRO over Copilot - CodePen Blog”

“Why I chose Codepen Pro over Copilot”

So, the standard advice in any creative industry on improving your work is that step 1 is to read/watch/listen to a lot of other people’s work. I am really strongly of the opinion that the same applies to software dev. Read code. Lots of it

“Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff hiring boomerang employees”

I’ve been saying over the past year that the layoffs were irrefutable evidence tech CEOs are incompetent. Well, after hiring people and laying them off, these clowns are rehiring the people they laid off after hiring