“Rust in Perspective — linusw”

“Hacking the terrorist timepiece - Interaction Magic”

“Daring Fireball: The Fit and Finish of the All-New System Settings on MacOS 13”

Appreciate Apple doing the hard work of making native apps look bad so the web-based stuff I know how to make looks good in comparison

“A Well-Known Links Resource - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

“Big Changes Ahead for Deno”

Not quite sure what I think about this.

I’m trying to figure out whether markdown or HTML should be the primary notes format for Colophon Cards. Either can be done in an interesting way. I’ve prototyped both. Both have great interoperability, tho markdown has a more notes-oriented ecosystem.

“The open source paradox -

According to the authorities 17 people needed assistance from rescue squads yesterday at the eruption site. The causes were a mix of exhaustion and injury. Again, quite a few families with children under the age of 12 needed to be turned away.

“10 Observations on Tragedy in a Digital Age - by Ted Gioia”

“the tragic protagonists of our own time would never view themselves as such, believing instead that they are heroes”

18 people needed assistance from rescue teams at the eruption site yesterday according to the authorities. Around 5000 visited.

Several families had to be turned away as they were planning to take children under the age of 12 on a 14km hike to an active volcanic eruption site

“Things You Can And Can’t Do - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

“Breaking apart the monolith · GitHub”

Interesting outline of the problem. It kind of glosses over the fact that to get enough contributors to solve these problems, you kinda really need more money.

That thing where you read an ‘influencer’ see the exact same situation as you, outline exactly the reasoning you would have, but come to the opposite conclusion as a non-sequitur at the tail-end of the post.

Why did I just read that?

“Litestream backups for Datasette Cloud (and weeknotes)”

“Adactio: Journal—Democratising dev”

People keep assuming there is no middle ground between no automation and full automation. But I think that Flash and even Director managed to strike a nice balance there for a while

“Let websites framebust out of native apps - Holovaty.com”

We need this.

According to officials almost 2000 tourists disregarded the safety closure of the eruption site over the weekend and Monday.

And people keep walking onto the still cooling lava despite being repeatedly warned about the dangers.

It’s just a matter of time until somebody dies.

Maybe what’s needed for websites and web apps is a kind of Prepper Web Dev? Code that assumes that:

  • The network is unreliable
  • Power is expensive
  • Devices are old
  • Data centres can be shut off by a heatwave or disaster
  • All your server data can be subpoenaed by fascists

Browsing through social media today and I see that it’s still the norm in tech to think that companies that are only sustainable if they abuse and underpay labour have an inherent right to exist.

They do not.

That thing where you find an article that’s interesting. A decent read certainly. But it has a few tonal red flags. Non sequitur reasoning. And sure enough, click the next article and you find that the author is an ex-leftist culture warrior.

“Adactio: Links—Douglas Engelbart - Hidden Heroes”

“Douglas Engelbart - Hidden Heroes”

Back when I was teaching interactive media I used to make students watch excerpts from Engelbart’s demo. Only available in realplayer format at the time IIRC.

So, the fact that tour guides have been taking tourists by the thousands on a 17km hike, over dangerous terrain, to an active, erupting, gas-spewing volcano, with no preparation, no warning that it might be dangerous, without the necessary equipment is…

Unsurprising tbh.

“The anomaly of cheap complexity”

“s12e44: Yet Another DALL·E-related Reckon”