“Towards a research community for better thinking tools - thesephist.com”

“Twitter Is The Worst Reader”

“Wildfires are erasing Western forests. Climate change is making it permanent. - Grist”

“Software development pushes us to get better as people – Jessitron”

“There is an alignment between writing really good software and being good people together.”

Another autumn photo from a few weeks ago

In the distance, two people are walking together through a park in Hveragerði. One is pointing something out for the other.

Don’t know what I think about this one, honestly. I both like it and don’t

A park bench is visible through a garden arch. Surrounded by fallen autumn leaves.

Reworking a couple of earlier photos from here in Hveragerði.

Steam rising from a geothermal well in Hveragerði

Reworking a couple of earlier photos from here in Hveragerði.

A black and white photo of a nice-looking bench by a crosswalk

“Over 40”

I’m 43 and my career prospects seem roughly the same as they were five years ago. As in, I’ve never ever been contacted by a recruiter despite having worked on web dev for 25 years, at startups and software cos, on both closed and OSS. 😝

“Reading citations is easier than most people think”

It’s also kind of fun.

“Complexity is killing software developers - InfoWorld”

Related to my Software Crisis 2.0 essay. Dev in general has taken a wrong turn. Possibly several.

“Adactio: Links—The Handwavy Technobabble Nothingburger”

“The Handwavy Technobabble Nothingburger”

“And now it’s… Springtime For Crypto – Terence Eden’s Blog”

Like Terence points out, money transfers aren’t actually a problem for most people in Europe, at least.

“Modern CSS Reset / Global Styles”

A good ‘you don’t need to make the same decisions but you do need to answer the same questions’ kind of post covering reset styles.

“Modern CSS in a Nutshell - Cloud Four”

IMO, common CSS processors and build tools are a big part of the reason why people have a hard time building a good mental of how it works.

Is cross-posting broken? My micro.blog posts haven’t been posting anywhere else.

“How to detect Emojis in JavaScript strings - Stefan Judis Web Development”

TIL about unicode support in JS RegExp.

Having both arts & humanities education and a coding career is having to constantly witness how ignorant those two fields are about each other. Coders build nonsensical card houses from scratch rather than read art theory or philosophy. Humanities people think code is magic

“Introducing Buy now, pay later in Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Tech Community”

Here I’ve been talking up Edge as the ‘nice Chrome’ and they go and do something like this. Horrible, horrible idea.

‘Get Ready for the “Kessler Syndrome” to Wreck Outer Space - by Clive Thompson’

The odds of the satellite era ending completely in our lifetimes is not zero.

“We’re turning off AMP pages at Search Engine Land”

“Amazon’s Dark Secret: It Has Failed to Protect Your Data - WIRED”

This is exactly the sort of thing that can turn a department store into a decaying dirt mall, metaphorically speaking.

“S’Notes – Lucy Bellwood”

“Exploiting CSP in Webkit to Break Authentication & Authorization”

In every project I’ve worked on Oauth/SSO has been nothing but hassle, largely due to the difficulty of securing the redirects. Not supporting SSO is rarely an option, tho