“An easing rule of thumb”

“Update on the Layer Based SVG Engine (LBSE) in WebKit”

This is looking really promising.

Anybody who thought that OpenAI and Sam Altman were trustworthy before the recent drama has already demonstrated a pretty darn high tolerance for bullshit and shenanigans. A CEO positioning a voice chatbot as a celebrity soundalike without permission isn’t even going to blip on their ethical radar

“Half-ass it | everything changes”

This is excellent advice.

“Boring is good”

I don’t think it’s that much of a coincidence that I read this in NetNewsWire.

Ran across this on social media

I just used ChatGPT to generate a 300 character regex for me, saved me an hour.

TBH if you aren’t using it that seems like a skill issue.

And it’s a perfect example of what I mean when I say that “AI” tools are a fundamentally conservative force

“I Need Your Help to Make 11ty Fully Independent and Sustainable in 2024—zachleat.com”

“ongoing by Tim Bray · The Colors of Racism”

Trollope’s writings and opinions were strikingly self-inconsistent

Inconsistency is one of the core characteristics of a reactionary and Trollope is pretty much the dictionary definition of a reactionary

“The most harmful belief I had as a beginner photographer — aows”

Speaking of mental models that hold back your learning.

“Forget Subtext – People Don’t Even Get Surtext – Terence Eden’s Blog”

In my experience, reactionaries generally do not even do a surface reading of texts

“Manton Reece - Yesterday’s AI thoughts”

Two things worry me about this post:

  1. Explicitly taking the side of a company and CEO that many have good reason to distrust is not “balanced”
  2. The replies would seem to indicate that micro.blog is becoming a one-sided pro-AI echo chamber

“My own little patch”

It feels like things have descended in to a complete shitshow1 and are only getting worse.

“WebAssembly: A promising technology that is quietly being enshitified”

So we have this WASI thing that is only version 0.2, and that is already way more complex than the alternative solutions. Is there any way that it will succeed?

We really don’t make enough of the fact that you don’t need JS to make a nice website. Just HTML and CSS

And, whatever most programmers say about HTML and CSS, they absolutely are much more accessible to learn than JS ever has been or will be

Steve Jobs second tenure at Apple was 1997-2011: 14 years

Tim Cook’s run it for 13, 2011-2024

Since Jobs’ health steadily declined from 2006, requiring Cook to step in regularly, I think it’s safe to say that modern Apple is now more of a Tim Cook organisation than it is a Steve Jobs one

“Apple Annie’s Weblog · Working for a Living When Your Living isn’t Working, Part IV”

The other three entries in this series are worth your while as well.

It’s almost as if Sam Altman has a history of disregarding consent.

That feeling when you forget to update the timestamp for a blog post, which means that micro.blog in it’s infinite fucking wisdom is going to post it to Bluesky with an old timestamp meaning it won’t appear in anybody’s streams.

(Does anybody at micro.blog even test things?)

“Relating Natural Language Aptitude to Individual Differences in Learning Programming Languages | Scientific Reports”

These results provide a novel framework for understanding programming aptitude, suggesting that the importance of numeracy may be overestimated in modern programming education environments.

Ya think?

“Updating from macOS Ventura to Sonoma silently enables iCloud Keychain”

“Complicated Sticks. – Faster and Worse”

The more complex the product, the more potential it has to have potential.

“Google Cloud shows it can break things for lots of customers • The Register”

Like I said when the layoffs where first announced, you’re going to see random shit go wrong because these cos now have a bunch of systems nobody in-house understands any more. This is what happens with mass layoffs

That feeling when somebody asks a question on a private mailing list (one that’s usually chock-full of nonsense and logic-free hype) that isn’t just a concrete answerable question, but also one you could help answer, but the person asking is a Grad A asshole so…. y’know… not gonna

“Some of my Eleventy Filters · Chris Burnell”

“Apple Annie’s Weblog · A Community of Concerns”