‘“Magic links” can end up in Bing search results — rendering them useless.’

This is not good. Esp since Outlook in many cases seems to scan the link before the user gets a chance to interact, breaking the process completely.

“Cory Doctorow: The Swerve – Locus Online”

“I don’t care how you web dev; I just need more better web apps”

Published this yesterday. We keep talking about frameworks or web components but, personally, I’d just like to see better websites and web apps

MBAs and wage stagnation - Going to business school makes you a dick - by Cory Doctorow - Jun, 2022 - Medium

“Software Over Time - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

“The time horizon outlook: an alternative to technical debt – Dan Slimmon”

“Color.js Released • Chris Lilley”

“Releasing Color.js: A library that takes color seriously – Lea Verou”


“Pluralistic: 28 Jun 2022 – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow”

On the deterioration of web design.

“One Foot Tsunami: The Wonk-Eyed Bonus Pig Shall Not Be Forgotten”

“SPAs: theory versus practice - Read the Tea Leaves”

Nolan consistently writes blog posts that I wish I wrote 🙂

“How we built a $1M ARR open source SaaS - Plausible Analytics”

“DOC — The vanishing designer”

Random COVID-fogged thought of the day: machine learning-based generative art (like that of DALL-E or Imagen) spells the end of postmodernism as a movement in art and culture. Creative deconstruction and recombination have literally been automated.

“Random notes around service workers development and testing · mmazzarolo.com”

“When You Should Prefer Map Over Object In JavaScript”

‘Part 2 of 2, of “In defense of blocks for local scopes”’

“I’m not saying that all those ‘underground fringes’ that Anderson celebrated have disappeared—I’m merely claiming that they have less cultural impact than at almost any point in modern history”


“GitHub Copilot and open source laundering”

“leveraging this platform for this move is a deep betrayal of the community’s trust”

“Adactio: Articles—In And Out Of Style”

“Style scoping versus shadow DOM: which is fastest? - Read the Tea Leaves”

Love these sort of investigative data blog posts. Highly recommended. And do subscribe to Nolan’s blog if you use a feed reader. It’s full of good stuff.

“Achievement Unlocked: Intent to Mathify”

“Doing Well - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

Fuck. I’ve finally caught covid after avoiding it for over two years. Picked it up from my dad who picked it up during his doctor’s appointment (we’ve ruled out all of the other potential sources) which I find utterly fucking annoying.

Typical, but fucking annoying.