“How come GPT can seem so brilliant one minute and so breathtakingly dumb the next?”

‘“The politest possible version of blood libel” – Bigmouth Strikes Again’

“How to Start a Fire - The Forum - Ben Miller”

“83% of Developers Suffer from Burnout - 01”

There’s something seriously wrong with this industry.

“The current and future state of AI/ML is shockingly demoralizing with little hope of redemption : MachineLearning”

“Reading Notes, November 2022 - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

“Too much efficiency makes everything worse: overfitting and the strong version of Goodhart’s law - Jascha’s blog”

This is kinda cool.


“It’s Time For ‘Maximum Viable Product’ - by Clive Thompson - Debugger”

Feature creep is also one of the biggest threats to code quality and software stability in general.

“Why Big Teams Keep Getting Bigger – Paul Taylor”

“I have literally seen Brook’s law happen in real time”

“Shadow DOM and accessibility: the trouble with ARIA - Read the Tea Leaves”

“Slip Through Your Fingers: Thoughts on Andor”


‘“Thinking in Systems” (Book Review) – As I learn …’

‘How to split JavaScript strings into sentences, words or graphemes with “Intl.Segmenter”‘

More and more running into the situation where it’s only Firefox that doesn’t support the stuff that’d directly help my work

“My old Richter scale for system outages, revisited (Interconnected)”

“LGBTQ+ Icelanders face ‘dehumanising’ new form of abuse – barking”

“The Perks of a High-Documentation, Low-Meeting Work Culture”

“Adactio: Links—Word Persons and Web Persons · roytang.net”

“Word Persons and Web Persons”

So, I published this yesterday:

“Programming is a Pop Culture”


“A quick hypothetical situation, or, your crash introduction to the real world – Hi, I’m Heather Burns”

“Tools for Thought as Cultural Practices, not Computational Objects”

Interesting analysis. Honestly, we could to with more and harsher criticism of this space. But this is a start.

“Don’t specialize, hybridize — Stephan Ango”

“GitHub Copilot Isn’t Worth the Risk”

What she said

“Web technology optimism hour”