“Sylvie Was Right To Do What She Did On ‘Loki’”

Looks like 90% of all tech writing today is either hagiography (VCs and CEOs as saints spouting divine commandments), kremlinology (here’s what I think Facebook/Google/Apple is doing), or catechisms (let us recite the laws of the land as dictated by our betters).

I’ll stop worrying about COVID only if research confirms that breakthrough infections of those who have been vaccinated don’t result in long COVID.

(Early results would seem to indicate that I’ll be worried for a long time.)

“Twitter locked my account (again) for an obvious joke”

“The problem here then is that the reconstructions systematically whitened the emperors (through, I suspect, an error in the software used which was probably ‘trained’ primarily on very fair skinned faces”

“Meeting the User – Jorge Arango”

“The Dirty Secret About AI”

One clear example of how tech is built on cargo culting are the various estimated read time widgets. How many of you have implemented this garbage without testing? Without looking into the research backing it? Without doing your own research on its utility for your readers?

“Lost Business - Think Different”

I’ve seen this in action way too often.


“The reduced scope of attention reason is sufficient on its own.”

“The stockmarket is a machine for creating cults (Interconnected)”

“Delegate Outcomes, Not Methods - Jacob Kaplan-Moss”

“Async functions & microtasks”

“Adactio: Journal—Hope”

“For each year back in time, the probability of a link still working decreases until there’s nothing but decay.”

The web is a wasting medium—our words begin to fade at the slightest hint of sunlight.

“Make Failure A (Safe) Option - Jacob Kaplan-Moss”

“The accessibility stalemate - Christian Heilmann”

“A natural shadow with SVG filters - Stefan Judis Web Development”

Aside from the Safari bugs, last time I experimented with SVG filters on HTML elements, it disabled hardware-accelerated scrolling in a lot of Android Chrome browsers.

‘Inner-Loop Agility (or “Why Your Agile Transformation Failed”) – Codemanship’s Blog’

“A very common end result of a costly Agile transformation is often little more than Agility Theatre”

“Things I Learned Reading Webkit’s UA Stylesheet”

Namespace scoping in CSS is one of the reasons why I’m sad that XHTML isn’t a thing. (And it isn’t, XHTML docs still don’t support JS modules, even in a new browser.)

“The Handshake of Generations”

“BBEdit 14.0 arrives with Notes and LSP support – Six Colors”

People see that we keep using ill-fitting paradigms to think about web development and web authoring and conclude that it’s the web that’s broken, not our approaches or thinking.

Been digging through a few boxes of comics I haven’t touched in 20 years and found these two. Totally forgotten about them

the cover of Jack Kirby Eternals #7issue #156 of Geen Lantern.

“Marvel, DC Offer ‘Shut Up Money’ As Comic Creators Go Public – The Hollywood Reporter”

US superhero comics are some of the worst deals around when it comes to creator compensation. The standard terms would literally be illegal in most EU countries

A quit moment by Laugarvatn lake