@odd 🤞🏻

@darby3 Yeah. I'm sure they're marginally better than your average sociopathic tech co but, like you say, enough with the AI bubble already 🙂️

@patrick_h_lauke 😄

@fgtech It definitely feels like they should be liable under these circumstances.

@odd I syndicate to both. The replies on Mastodon vary a lot. Usually they’re great, but if a boost takes a post out of your circle the odds of aggressive or dumb replies increases substantially.

Bluesky is strange. The vibe keeps changing with every new wave of invites.

@petebrown Ah, yeah. Know that feeling well.

@torb The cynic in me thinks they might be positioning this as a way of getting cheap HD or 4K editions from standard definition scans without the added cost of going back to the original film masters.

But the realist in me thinks that Adobe probably aren't that clever and it's likelier that they only used it because the copyrights for that particular movie weren't renewed so it's a decent quality public domain example they can use without worrying the legal department. 🙂️

@writingslowly Hah! 😄️

@odd 😁

@torb Absolutely. And because flex/grid items create new block formatting contexts, margins become a little bit less inconsistent as well.

@fgtech I mean, yeah you got to hope so.

@odd Will do! Still a while yet. Print works on a different time scale still, even with print-on-demand. But it’s happening 😁

@agilelisa Thanks! It’s exciting 🙂

@torb So, I haven't got that far yet in the side-project that's driving this 🙂️

But, I'm inclined towards minimalistic solutions in general so I'm leaning towards Deno on the serverside using individual worker-friendly libraries for routing and rendering. Like uhtml/uhtml-ssr and itty-router. That sort of thing.

Or I might look at something like Deno and lume.land. I've used Lume on other projects. There's a lot of options now, thankfully. Which is a definite improvement over a few years ago.

@torb Yeah, proprietary runtimes are a trap. (Insert admiral Ackbar gif here)

@miljko It’s honestly more the bullshit AI hype crowd that’s claiming exponential growth.

@petebrown Hah! Yeah. And it's not done yet. Apparently the law might get amended today to address the issue so there's hope yet.

@baldur This has a photo but it’s not appearing for some reason.

@torb Agree completely.

@torb Yeah it’s the only way to get through it.

@torb Thanks! The dog made it easier by stopping and looking in exactly the right position at exactly the right time 😄

@maique Thanks! Yeah, I think they do, if I say so myself 🙂

@maique Thanks!

@maique You’re in good company. My sister much prefers the colour version as well. 🙂

@ChrisJWilson Yeah, I had that thought myself as well. I’ve tried so many different colour edits on this photo 😅. The conclusion I came to after trying out variations was that, for this particular photo, adding even muted colour ended up downplaying the otherwise strong shapes that dominate the picture, whereas the b&w emphasises them.