I don't want to downplay what was happening inside of the organisation or the sheer, unadulterated, hostile authoritarianism that's at play here.

But the decision was obviously a bad one even before we knew any of what was going on in the background.

The policies are openly hostile to the work force. They amount to a declaration that the work force can't be trusted to do its job.

This is especially galling considering that Basecamp is a software co. Software dev, being a theory-building practice, requires a LOT of trust

@fgtech This is true. I was just happy to see that virtualisation seems to be very doable on the M1. Some naysayers had expressed their doubts about that when it launched.

@pkra@mathstodon.xyz Ooh, that’s an interesting idea.

@pimoore I mean, I agree that I don’t know if it’s something they will actually want to do but in theory virtualisation could let them partner with Docker or VMWare to provide properly sandboxed linux dev environments.

@odd Oooh, yeah. That one looks nice as well.

@artkavanagh Yeah, that page definitely isn’t a good reading experience.

@ChrisJWilson My pleasure! 🙂

@simonwoods Doesn’t inspire confidence.

@paulcraig901 😐

@fgtech Exactly!

@simonwoods Yeah, tech has long fostered cult-like behaviour but there are parts of the OSS/Free Software communities that are well on their way towards becoming proper personality cults.

@artkavanagh Seems like a constant in life 😄

@fgtech True. True.

@fgtech Yeah, it’s hard to argue with the idea that it’s a key factor in enabling large scale internet monopolies.

@artkavanagh Yeah, I think you're right.

@ohBananaJoe thanks! 🙂

@ianbetteridge 😎

@fgtech true. True.

@fgtech definitely.

@fgtech Yeah, that’s a good point. That post’s idea of good writing is quite limited

@ayjay Thanks! That’s very useful to know. 🙂

Most of those who have a fetish for first principles thinking are actually utterly ignorant about the field they are FTPing™. To the point where they don‘t have enough expertise to even recognise what that field‘s first principles actually are and frequently swap cause and effect.

(As in “every time I see that it’s raining, the pavements are wet, so wet pavements must cause rain” which is a really easy mistake to make when you’re seeing rain and wet pavements for the first time in your life.)

When a techie or finance person develops a fetish for First Principles Thinking™ it‘s almost always due to impatience. They want shortcuts to enlightenment and aren’t willing to put in the work of studying a field for years.

This leads to garbage writing and half-baked ideas.

@artkavanagh This is true! It’s even how I subscribe to 90% of the substacks that I follow.

@fgtech 🙂

@artkavanagh His blog is great! Highly recommended.