@odd 😁

@torb Absolutely. And because flex/grid items create new block formatting contexts, margins become a little bit less inconsistent as well.

@fgtech I mean, yeah you got to hope so.

@odd Will do! Still a while yet. Print works on a different time scale still, even with print-on-demand. But it’s happening 😁

@agilelisa Thanks! It’s exciting 🙂

@torb So, I haven't got that far yet in the side-project that's driving this 🙂️

But, I'm inclined towards minimalistic solutions in general so I'm leaning towards Deno on the serverside using individual worker-friendly libraries for routing and rendering. Like uhtml/uhtml-ssr and itty-router. That sort of thing.

Or I might look at something like Deno and lume.land. I've used Lume on other projects. There's a lot of options now, thankfully. Which is a definite improvement over a few years ago.

@torb Yeah, proprietary runtimes are a trap. (Insert admiral Ackbar gif here)

@miljko It’s honestly more the bullshit AI hype crowd that’s claiming exponential growth.

@petebrown Hah! Yeah. And it's not done yet. Apparently the law might get amended today to address the issue so there's hope yet.

@baldur This has a photo but it’s not appearing for some reason.

@torb Agree completely.

@torb Yeah it’s the only way to get through it.

@torb Thanks! The dog made it easier by stopping and looking in exactly the right position at exactly the right time 😄

@maique Thanks! Yeah, I think they do, if I say so myself 🙂

@maique Thanks!

@maique You’re in good company. My sister much prefers the colour version as well. 🙂

@ChrisJWilson Yeah, I had that thought myself as well. I’ve tried so many different colour edits on this photo 😅. The conclusion I came to after trying out variations was that, for this particular photo, adding even muted colour ended up downplaying the otherwise strong shapes that dominate the picture, whereas the b&w emphasises them.

@torb Thanks! Yeah, I think there’s a lot to be excited about in web dev these days. 🙂

@alanralph Not all of them. But quite a few of them, yeah.

@manton 👍🏻️ Will do.

@manton Thanks. Much appreciated.

@val Thanks!

@torb Yeah it definitely transformed my photography

@crossingthethreshold 🙂️

I lived in Bristol for over a decade. Still miss it.

@torb Thanks!