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@darby3 Techcrunch has the full memo


The only concrete change they’ve announced is bringing their Pocket, content, and AI teams into the Firefox Organisation. It’s light on actual strategy or plan

@torb Yeah. They’ve been directionless for a while now.

@annahavron 🙂

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@torb Yeahk, if you’re deeply involved in tech circles at the moment, the AI Bubble is going to be overwhelming. And if you have VC funding it’s probably going to be impossible.

@torb Yeah, same. There’s also no way I’ll ever invest in their VR platform as a user the same way I have in iPhones and iPads if this is going to be their attitude towards developers.

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@torb Yeah. Absolutely true.

@faraixyz No, if I’ve run into that I’ve blanked it out of memory 🙂

And, yeah, it seems like we have a combination of old SEO practices spreading, new LLM tactics mass-producing gunk, and Google’s lay-offs leaving them less well-equipped to deal.

@paulcraig901 I know that. I spent a few years working in publishing. The distinction in the post between digital and PoD is deliberate. IME the major PoD services have higher variability than digital print runs.

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@fgtech True.

@pimoore Yeah. Same.

@odd IMO the VCs know exactly what they’re doing.

@artkavanagh It had a lot of really neat ideas.

@V_ An absolute cutie.

@odd Over the past few years the quality and reliability of Apple's main OS releases has been absolutely atrocious. These days I try to wait until there's at least a .1 release out before I upgrade.

@petebrown Yup. Agreed.

@fgtech Yup. Agree completely.

@fgtech Thanks! Onwards and upwards 💪🏻️

@torb Yeah. All you can do at this point is hope for the best.

@darby3 Thanks. I'll have a look at the tree style tab extension.

But it looks like the removal of Bookmark all Tabs from the menu is a Linux thing. It's nowhere to be found in the UI. And the reason why I hadn't noticed it before is that the keyboard shortcut still works.

@the My pleasure!