@anniegreens 🙂👍🏻

@Havn I haven't. I'll definitely have a look at those.

That only solves part of the problem, though, as I still have cross-posting issues all the time, like today where a post never appeared on Bluesky or Mastodon at all.

@ChrisJWilson I know, right? Should be such an obvious thing.

@ChrisJWilson I mean, if the monochrome Pentax sells well enough, maybe? Since it's the same company and all. (Ricoh is also working on a new film camera so they're definitely trying a lot of interesting things at the moment.)

@odd My sister’s getting really good at taking these 🙂

@odd Yeah, definitely makes me worried to hear talk like that from a candidate.

@torb Yeah, definitely. Mongo has its use cases as do things like DynamoDB but so so many organisations adopted them based on hype not need.

@chadkoh That is a very good point 😄

@chadkoh Oh, it was just one of those LLM-promoting programmers saying that it massively increased their productivity at specific kinds of coding as a defence when people are pointing out the harms. Later, when asked how much time it saved them per day, it turned out to be about half-an-hour at best. Turns out they spent less than an hour a day on that kind of boilerplate coding.

@anniegreens Thankfully the redwings and blackbirds that are my main regulars don't really mind me being in the kitchen as long as I'm not too close.

@odd I think that would be the flotmeisa in Icelandic? (Bird names are so fun and weird.)

Thankfully, in this instance, the bird returned as soon as I left the kitchen. 🙂

@topgold 😄

@MitchW Oh, absolutely 🙂

@artkavanagh Yeah, I’m not on substack so I have to rely on reports like these about what’s happening there and, in this case it looks like it might be quite inaccurate.

@tracydurnell I was given permission to apply some scritches 🙂

@fgtech Yeah. The sad thing is that, at its peak, the mac app scene was magical. That period when Mac OS X had matured, the hardware was coming together, and the Mac indie software scene was in full swing was a second renaissance for the mac. And I think at this point we aren't going to be lucky enough to get a third.

@fgtech It is.

@torb yeah definitely weird.

@lwdupont You need to have multiple different keyboard languages enabled and a hardware keyboard connected, which isn’t an uncommon scenario when writing on an iPad.

@petebrown I mean, it’s one dude who has shipped five apps and keeps adding features such as transcripts and e2e encrypted notes. I don’t think slowing down the feature churn to test and fix longstanding UI and editing widget bugs is too much of an ask

@torb Never too late to start!

@petebrown Right!

@Denny Thanks!

@darby3 Techcrunch has the full memo


The only concrete change they’ve announced is bringing their Pocket, content, and AI teams into the Firefox Organisation. It’s light on actual strategy or plan

@torb Yeah. They’ve been directionless for a while now.