@fgtech 🙂

@artkavanagh His blog is great! Highly recommended.

@ChrisJWilson Yeah, the idea that automatic/lazy backlinks would end up just cluttering things up and make actually useful links harder to find makes a lot of sense.

@jack Same.

@jack Yeah, that’s a very good point. My impression at this point is entirely anecdotal. Mostly that a writer’s sudden public interest in notetaking esoterica tends to be followed by less interesting writing.

@jack I laughed :-D

@pkra@mathstodon.xyz Writing less. Although I keep meaning to start again now that things are quieter. We also managed to get more funding at work so there's less uncertainty going on in the near term.

Also realising now that I had notifications turned off on the Micro.blog iOS app so I keep missing responses on here :-D Have turned them back on so hopefully that won't be an issue.

@pkra@mathstodon.xyz Yeah, I'm in a similar place regarding footnotes.

@MitchWagner Yeah, I'm generally the same.

@jack Yeah, I’m currently browsing through his notes and thoroughly enjoying his ideas and concepts. 🙂

@odd Yeah. I know the feeling.

@pkra@mathstodon.xyz Yeah. I’m similar in that I can’t let go of the idea that web components must have a ‘killer app’ so to speak, we just haven’t figured out what it is.

@pkra@mathstodon.xyz Oooh, I’d forgotten about that one.

@artkavanagh I mean, most of the time I bookmark something it’s because it’s worth reading. The caveat is mostly that I don’t necessarily agree with the post just because I think it’s worth reading 🙂

@ianbetteridge I mean, the app store is absolutely the reason why the iPad has a fraction of the web developer tools that it should have, considering the power of the hardware and the age of the platform.

Of course, I’m still holding out hope that if Apple adds virtualisation to the processor for the mac, that’ll let them roll out something like WSL but for iPad as an official app. But I don’t know whether they’ll want to given their seeming disinterest in developers as customers.

That said, I’m a huge fan of the iPad Pro and it has many of my favourite apps and I use it for hours every day, so I’m mostly arguing that things could be better, not that they are bad in the first place 🙂

@ianbetteridge I agree.

I primarily use micro.blog as a public bookmarking tool so the benchmark for posting isn't "do I agree with this?" but "might I want to look at this again at some point in the future?". In this case I agree with you that he's biased against the very app store concept.

(I don't think it would be a bad idea per se to add some form of Gatekeeper-like functionality to iOS/iPadOS as long as it's in addition to the app store, though.)

I do disagree with you on one point (might not even be a disagreement) which is that I do think that the app store stifles innovation on the iPad (iPhone apps are plenty innovative tbh and mac apps can bypass the app store). I don't think the available apps come even close to realising the iPad's potential and I think the app store is a big reason why that's the case.

I also do think that the app store is largely mismanaged as well: the capricious denials, statements that directly contradict their actions, no trials and an in-app payment system that seems tailoured for abusive games design, the very dubious and inconsistent 'reader app' policy. But I still think there's value in the app store provided they figure out how to manage it properly at some point.

(Sorry about the late reply. I really should check micro.blog replies more often.)

@pkra@mathstodon.xyz :-D

@jack Accurate.

@odd Yeah. It sounds like a lot of fun.

@artkavanagh True.

@the Yeah, they have always made good cameras and amazing glass. I guess being number two in a small niche (micro 4/3rds) in a declining market is just taking its toll. 😐

@tomasino@mastodon.sdf.org Yeah, I like the thought she's put into this.

@benedwards Ah, I've never tried Whimsical, but I've heard of it. Should take a look.

@fgtech Thanks! :-)

@odd I'll definitely try that one.