@alanralph Yeah, I've been pondering what to do about Pinboard (I use it as well, myself). Thankfully I don't have the sharing requirement that Dorothea does so there are quite a few options.

@fgtech Right?!

@odd Right?

@robotsneedhugs@mastodon.social Yeah, I think you’re right.

@baldur This isn’t a pro-crypto post. This is a “these services know that crypto is a bad idea but can’t stay away out of greed” tweet. Just in case it was ambiguous.

@fgtech It was news to me as well so I felt I had to share.

@mejh I had completely given up on DuckDuckGo for Icelandic searches. I’ll start trying it again. 👍🏻

@zorn 😄

@ton Some ad blockers try prevent the page from loading known JS libraries that are responsible for some of these overlays. But in actual practice this doesn't seem to work that often.

@chriskrycho Ah, yeah. I hadn’t thought of that. Good point.

@artkavanagh Yeah, feels like the only reason it isn’t marked as ‘sponsored content’ is that it isn’t coherent enough.

@baldur So, it's dropping posts from the cross-posting queue now. Which is a new bug I haven't seen before. The post I'm replying to got cross-posted but the post before it didn't. Really starting to wonder why I stay here.

@fgtech My pleasure 🙂

@leonp Yup. Pretty much.

@alanralph Ouch, yeah. That’s a zinger.

@skoobz Hah! I guess 😁

@chriskrycho This one is relatively straight, using the ACROS b&w curve in both apps. I don’t mind how Adobe handles fuji when doing colour processing but b&w is a definite weak point for fuji.

@philbowell I don’t think so? Just the share widget of the native iOS app which I use to share from my feed reader or Safari. (99.99% of it is from my iPad.)

@alanralph Absolutely.

@fgtech True. True.

@fgtech Exactly!

@fgtech Yeah. There's also the issue that Open Source was specifically invented in 1998 to be a more business-friendly alternative to Free Software. The purpose of the term was specifically to scrub away the ideological aspect of Free Software and market collaborative volunteer work as a way for companies to lower costs and improve their software.

@chriskrycho 😄

@eli They’re all so bad 😑

@chriskrycho Yeah. Tool-obsession can become a pasttime in its own right. And not limited to software. GAS (Gear-Acquisition-Syndrome) is a thing in many fields and hobbies 😁