“GitHub Copilot – Productivity Boon or Considered Harmful?”

“What I’ve noticed is that the developers who copy and paste a lot tend to pick things up slower – if ever.”

“We get what the business model wants - Seth’s Blog”

Truth in the title. The rest is reasoning.

“technology was going to change everything”

“We experience technology moving through its iterations, and we feel like we are moving as well. And all the while, we’re stuck in the same world with the same problems that have always existed.”

“Tolkien and Amazon’s Fight for a Franchise - by Tim Carmody - Amazon Chronicles”

“How Weak Analogies About Software Can Lead Us Astray – Rich Mironov’s Product Bytes”

The fact that my dad (an organisational psychologist) used to test his management training workshops on me and my sister when we were kids probably explains quite a bit about us 😄

“Frank Oz on life as Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy and Yoda: ‘I’d love to do the Muppets again but Disney doesn’t want me’ - The Muppets - The Guardian”

One of my favourites.

‘“Worst cloud vulnerability you can imagine” discovered in Microsoft Azure - Ars Technica’

“Developers Should Abandon Agile”

“Agile at 20: The Failed Rebellion - Simple Thread”

“My tiny side project has had more impact than my decade in the software industry – Mike’s corner of the web”

Have used mammoth.js in a few projects myself.

“Some reasons to measure”

“Jimmy Wales on Constraints for Bad Behavior – Jorge Arango”

“if you design for the worst people, then you’re failing to design for good people.”

“The Rise Of User-Hostile Software - Den Delimarsky”

This is directly relevant to what I was writing about in Software Crisis 2.0

“Why are hyperlinks blue?”

“Start small - Go Make Things”

This! Not just for those who are learning. Always start small. Even when the plan is to eventually do something big, start off with something small.

“My love-hate affair with technology - Read the Tea Leaves”

“Software Crisis 2.0 – Baldur Bjarnason”

I decided to dump everything I’ve learned that’s relevant to software project failure into a single essay. Why it happens. Why it’s so common. Some thoughts on how to do better.

“Wax On, Wax Off. There’s Value In Simple Exercises. – Codemanship’s Blog”

“The Cognitive Costs of Bad UX – Jorge Arango”

“Robin Rendle › Newsletters”

I may have finished writing almost 9000 words on software project failure to publish later this week.

There must be something wrong with me. This is almost certainly going to tank.

The next article link I clicked in my feed reader did exactly this, to an uncanny degree. Good job industry!


It feels like every time I come across an interesting-looking series on Netflix made by Netflix, the wikipedia page says something along the lines of “cancelled after one season, ends on a cliffhanger.”

“Focus groups are worthless.. Now, I’ll tell you how I really feel - by Erika Hall - Mule Design Studio - Medium”