My dad has a bit of a retro approach to listening to music.

A fifty year record player, next to a fifty year reel-to-reel tape deck. Both in perfect working order.

“Ableist interactions |”

I agree with everything in this post but would like to emphasise what I said yesterday: “production-ready” in this context does not mean “up to industry standards”. It means “replaces programmers.”

“Scope vs Shadow DOM”

I have never personally needed shadow DOM. Every time I dig in to assess it, I come away frustrated.


Black and white photos from said bad weather photography walk.

This is the window of the local cat rescue where my sister got her cat a while back.A dog walker picking up something the dog left behind. Meanwhile, the dog has moved on to more interesting things.A view down the path that runs along the geothermal park. A white van is parked ahead, right in the centre of the image. I don’t know why I like this one.A bird stands on a small piece of grass next to the pavement, eyeing me with suspicion. It is too small to properly see, to be honest.

Went for a short bad weather photography walk

The a sign that says “Fjölskyldugarðar” which are plots that the town provides for locals to grow vegetables and the like. I forget what they are called in English.The local pride flag street painting looks okay in bad weather, actually.I have no idea wha this machine is. Just that it looks creepy and was surrounded by all sorts of mechanical stuff.

“Book Review: Kill It With Fire – Manage Ageing Computer Systems by Marianne Bellotti – Terence Eden’s Blog”

“David Golumbia, 1963–2023 – Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain”

“Adactio: Links—We’re still not innovating with AI-generated UI.”

“We’re still not innovating with AI-generated UI.”

I generally feel like companies with poor leadership who make bad business decisions will view these tools as a cost-cutting opportunity.

This is exactly what these tools are for

“Fixing Search”

However, browsers selling users to search engines to keep the web going is a bit like selling weapons in a war zone to bankroll cancer research. As mentioned, it’s a betrayal of users

Found my dad’s old typewriter.

Might be a bit of a project but it would be fun to get it into proper working order.

An old triumph typewriter.

‘Microsoft Publishes Garbled AI Article Calling Tragically Deceased NBA Player “Useless”. “AI should not be writing obituaries.”’

Hard to believe that there’s anybody left that still believes in this tech, let alone an entire industry that seems to be falling for it

So, this is happening. I can already see that the final version needs to have a gloss, not matte, cover. And the margins are slightly off and need to be corrected. But this is happening.

Print versions of my books: The Intelligence Illusion and Out of the Software Crisis. Side by side.A view of the width of the print version of The Intelligence IllusionA view of the width of the print version of Out of the Software CrisisA comparison of the widths of the two books.

“The Myth of Artificial Intelligence - The American Prospect”

“Critical WebP bug: many apps, not just browsers, under threat”

One of the issues with the popularity of Electron apps is that when Chrome has a vulnerability, they all have one

And because they all come with their own copy of Chromium, they need to be updated separately

This book is required reading for everyone involved in looking at Generative AI for their business or in their work.

Andrew Doran on “The Intelligence Illusion”…

Available at

After noodling around with mocha and deno, I’m pretty sure it’s possible to set up a full-featured browser-oriented dev env with minimal external dependencies using esm and import maps, focusing on the browser as your runtime…

“The A.V. Club’s AI-Generated Articles Are Copying Directly From IMDb”

This was utterly predictable. So predictable that I’ve already written about it a few times. Modern LLMs are memorisation machines (that’s why they do well in exames).

Starlings relaxing after raiding my bird feeder. Blurry phone picture as they scarpered as soon as they saw me enter the kitchen.

Five starlings relax on a balcony railing.

“Bricolage | Some notes on Local-First Development”

I think Local-First is going to be an essential option for web development, but you can tell that devs have already given wholesale into their worst instincts towards hyper-complexity.

“The death of unity”

Looting your customer base.

Found out that my granddad owned a .22 pistol in the 60s which was honestly out of character

Then my dad tells me that granddad accidentally shot a puffin at one point during target practice and was so disgusted he immediately threw the gun into the ocean

Like, within 10 min 😄

“I think I kind of hate lazy loading – Terence Eden’s Blog”

I ran into this quite a bit back when I lived in the UK. Lazy loading can get quite counterproductive if your internet is sporadic.

“Team size isn’t a measure of success - Jacob Kaplan-Moss”

“Your feedback means more to small teams |”