“Briefly, my concern with ChatGPT - by Daniel Zollinger”

“Kodsnack discussion with Tim Urban and Torill Kornfeldt”

A really interesting discussion between an AI enthusiast and a biologist. Poor audio but worthwhile.

“Diffusion Art or Digital Forgery? Investigating Data Replication in Diffusion Models”

This is interesting.

“New data: what consumers really think about generative AI”

People who used Chat GPT find the results more credible than those who haven’t

Not sure this problem can be solved without regulation.

“Why chatbots fail. The novelty of AI does not make up for… - by Skyler Schain - Mar, 2023 - UX Collective”

“Lethal words – Bigmouth Strikes Again: Carrie Marshall’s blog”

“Open source is good for AI but, is AI good for open source? - BCS”

“Is it time to hit the pause button on AI?”

TBH, if the US DoJ or Attorney General said that AI generated output probably didn’t qualify for Section 230 safe harbour, most public AI would be withdrawn 5m later

“A Silicon Valley Love Triangle: Hiring Algorithms, Pseudo-Science, and the Quest for Auditability”

The title of this paper is just so good. Proposes a framework for auditing Automated Decision-Making Systems

“Is remote work in your future? Here’s why more women say yes”

“Immaterial Sensations - blarg”

“Historical pragmatism and the internet - James W. Carey, 2005”

We are now living with the consequences of those hopes and beliefs, but the age of the internet has taught us again of the fragility of politics, the brittleness of the economy and the vulnerability of the new world order. The ‘new’ man and woman of the ‘new age’ strikes one as the same mixture of greed, pride, arrogance and hostility that we encounter in both history and experience.

“On technological optimism and technological pragmatism”

Always post a link when somebody points out that Wired Magazine and its contributors are full of shit.

“A fake news frenzy: why ChatGPT could be disastrous for truth in journalism”

“Those Meddling Kids! The Reverse Scooby-Doo Theory of Tech Innovation Comes with the Excuses Baked In”

“The Fallacy of AI Functionality”

Sounds like policy people have been paying attention to papers like this one.

“Keep your AI claims in check - Federal Trade Commission”

People are starting to notice that AI boosters are largely full of shit.

“WAI is making it easier to create more noise, when all I want is good search”

I have no use for an AI that can write for me.

Yeah, tech is vastly overestimating the productivity benefits (and consequently, the financial value) of sophisticated text synthesis

“It’s Scary Easy to Use ChatGPT to Write Phishing Emails - CNET”

“Shadow Gristle – Dimitri Glazkov”

“The Great Replacement (Not That One, the Real One)”

This society made of of fleshy squishy human people made it clear long ago that the exact millisecond it could replace each and every one of us with a janky Python script and a post-it note with a smiley-face on it, that was absolutely 100% going to happen and you’re a Luddite who hates freedom if you so much as squeak about it.

Go read this.

“Can publishing survive the oncoming AI storm?”

Publishing outlets are going to be drowned in garbage (LLM-generated text really is mediocre garbage) and the publishing industry is completely unprepared for it

“You can just put a folder of files on the internet if you want to. - Chris Coyier”


“The Great Gaslighting of the JavaScript Era - The Spicy Web”


“Linguist Emily M. Bender on How an AI Chatbot Is Not a Human”

Read this.