“Add a Service Worker to Your Site - CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks”

Given how fast framework complexity has escalated in the past couple of years, it feels like we’re at the point where not using a framework for web dev could be a strategic advantage for a new startup or company

Definitely having a ‘nothing fucking works’ day.

‘A Response To “Have Single-Page Apps Ruined the Web?“’

“The javascript ecosystem is simply insanely overly-complicated. Comically so, in fact, given the requirements of most web applications.”

Having another one of those days where micro.blog just won’t do the posting thing

Recent photos from around town

The sun sets behind one of the local greenhouses The road into Hveragerði in the dying light The sun sets behind another one of Hveragerði's greenhouses You guessed it, more greenhouses, they're kind of a big thing here

One of the neighbourhood’s ravens was doing their rounds earlier today

Raven flying between trees Raven flying over my roof

“Michael Tsai - Blog - iOS 15 Autocorrect”

Apple’s software development continues its steady decline.

It’s looking likely that a lot of otherwise staid tech cos will cash in on web3 over the next 2-3 years by offering services that are, essentially, “selling shovels during a gold rush”. Like “sign in with eth” support, blockchain app gateways, secure file hosting for NFTs, etc.

“The human toll of log4j maintenance - DEV Community”

“Crisis or Not? - Think Different”

“Care for the Text - CSS-Tricks”

“(mac)OStalgia – Hello. I’m Michael.”

A bit of Mac Classic nostalgia.

“The Pipeline To Your Corporate Soul - by Alan Cooper - Dec, 2021 - Medium”

Hate it when a type + autocorrect results in you writing the opposite of what you meant. 😝

“The data model behind Notion’s flexibility”

“False narratives - A Working Library”

“An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States - A Working Library”

“Apple + NeXT, 25 years ago today”

I don’t know who needs to hear this but in case it’s one of you: trauma and developing mechanisms to cope with trauma isn’t growth. Anybody telling you that you need to join a traumatic environment or workplace to grow in your job or as a person is doing you a huge disservice.

Much of what gets posted online in web dev communities (esp. Twitter) is really bad advice being given by people who are too early in their career for them to be fully hit by the consequences of said bad advice.

Not sure what can be done about it. Refuting it all is impossible.

“The Sexism of CSS • Robin Rendle”

“Product Ops Overview - Silicon Valley Product Group”

“NFTs, or The Readymade Reversed” [PDF]

“Duchamp used the category of art to liberate materiality from commodifiable form; the NFT deploys the category of art to extract private property from freely available information.”

“Brian Eno on NFTs & Automatism”

“The idea that Ayn Rand, that Nietzsche-for-Teenagers toxin, should have had her whacky ideas enshrined in a philosophy about money is what is terrifying to me.”