“The tech tool carousel - Andy Bell”

“Keyboard-Only Scrolling Areas — Adrian Roselli”

“Adactio: Journal—Re-evaluating technology”

Midnight sun

a view of the trees as seen from my balcony.

“Reading Notes, May 2022 - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

“You should be reading academic computer science papers - Stack Overflow Blog”

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“My Stance on Toxicity About Programming Languages - Xe”

I’ve never understood the view I sometimes hear from Americans that increased customer rights and protections impinge on the freedoms of the company making the product.

Like, I bought the widget. I should be able to do whatever I want with it. Maybe I’m just too European 🤷‍♂️

“Ghost 5.0”

What are people’s impressions of Ghost these days? I seem to recall talk about the software being okay but a few having a bad experience with support?

“The balance has shifted away from SPAs - Read the Tea Leaves”

What can I say except that I totally, 100%, agree with Nolan here.

‘”Disregard the Words” - Internet Blue’

“Experimental: components - Playwright”

Looks useful. Thought quite weird that it does not seem to support web components or regular JS components. Though I suppose you could wrap it to follow Svelte’s mount API.

“The startup slump may be a blessing in disguise”

Gonna see a lot of acquihires or crypto pivots in the coming months. Startup grifters gotta grift.

“Deep Dive into Text Wrapping and Word Breaking / Coder’s Block”

“A Return to Analog — The Focus Course”

“Glitch acquired by cloud service provider Fastly”

I have confessed to an anti-Glitch bias in the past (it gives me such a strong SixApart vibe) but I hope that this isn’t a prelude to an “our incredible journey” entry

“Readability: The Optimal Line Length – Articles – Baymard Institute”

“Hog Bay Software – Bike: Tool for thought”

I’d definitely try this out if I were still a macOS user.

“The Surprising Truth About Pixels and Accessibility: should I use pixels or rems?”

So, turns out Joe Lycett and Bill Bailey were in my neck of woods (I live in Hveragerði) this winter. Seem to have had a nice and cozy breakfast 🙂