One day I’ll post my blogroll—the blogs I follow regularly—but cleaning up my feed list is a bit of a task. And I like it when one of the unreachables comes to life again after several years of silence. It happens.

Screenshot: "1740 feeds. 702 inactive. 382 unreachable."

“Blogroll - Max Böck”

These are all very good blogs to follow.

“Getting started with Mastodon”

“Accessibility in the Fediverse (and Mastodon) · Eric Eggert”

“Underjord - Complex Systems All The Way Down”

“Optimize For Nothing - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

It would be a fulltime job to maintain a blog that does nothing but correct DHH’s misconceptions and factual errors.

“Adobe steals your color”

“Why does my office smell of sulphur?”

Turns around. Sees the open window facing the geothermal park next door. “Right.”

It’s usually either still or extremely windy around here. Not used to a breeze light enough to carry the smell 😄

“Scroll to Text Fragments - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

One of my fav new additions to the web stack. Two browsers done out of three, so well on its way towards standardisation.

“Adactio: Links—Programming Portals”

“Programming Portals”

These ideas would not be out of place in the original Smalltalk systems which IIRC tried to expose the underlying programming objects to the end user.

“The shorter the feedback loop, the better”

Excellent point. This applies to product design and design in general, not just software development.

“A beginner’s guide to Chrome tracing - Read the Tea Leaves”

“OKLCH in CSS: why we moved from RGB and HSL—Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog”

“How to balance software architecture goals with limited resources”

“What if the team assumes my functional JavaScript is slow?”

‘What “Work” Looks Like - Jim Nielsen’s Blog’

“WebKit Features in Safari 16.1 - WebKit”

“Why ‘dark mode’ causes more accessibility issues than it solves - by H Locke - Medium”

“Strategic and necessary”

“Style performance and concurrent rendering - Read the Tea Leaves”

“The Shared Element Transition API is FLIPping Cool - Chris Coyier”

If there’s one proposal that I hope makes it to become a standard, it’s the Shared Element Transition API.

“Let’s talk about web components - Brad Frost”

“The cost of convenience —”