“How Good, Kind, Caring People Became The Bad Guys”

IMO the conclusion here is that most people who think they’re good, kind, and caring actually aren’t.

So far, I’m honestly enjoying the new Doctor Who more than any other iteration of the series since practically forever. Jinkx was perfect casting for a Who villain. The camp tone is lovely. And the general note of positivity is just what I need these days.


Apple came along and handed us a perfect visual metaphor for one of our most potent fears about big tech right now — namely, that it is crushing the arts and transmuting them into dull consumer products

“Roger Corman, R.I.P. – News From ME”

Mark Evanier on Roger Corman

“Largest Year–Over-Year Gain in Keeling Curve Set in March”

This is why I think posting about how this country or that is now closer to producing “100% renewable energy” is wishful thinking. Emissions keep increasing. All the energy “transition” is doing is slightly dampening an upward curve

One of the things that the Stack Overflow brouhaha demonstrates is that it doesn’t matter if a service was founded by people trusted by the community (Atwood and Spolsky) and was broadly community-led. If it’s a VC-funded startup, they will sell out their users at some point.

Every time I scroll through my social media I see a couple instances of “hey, I had a bad idea which I would have discovered is a bad idea if I’d done any actual research but instead I asked an LLM and it did it for me, no problem! Isn’t that great?”

It’s exhausting

“Weekly Roundup #3 — Possum Edition | Ryan Trimble, UX/UI developer”

Covers the recent 11ty conference.

“Accomplishment vs. Achievement - by John Warner”

“Roger Corman – cinema’s pulp genius whose talent to shock was rocket fuel”

Aw, man. Roger Corman died. So so many people in cinema owe their careers to him. Turns out the best dayjob for an aspiring filmmaker is to do actual filmmaking.

And, bonus #caturday, this neighbour came for a short visit and did a routine inspection tour of the flat 😄

The cat who lives next door stands at the top of my stairsThe neighbour cat walks past my comics library on her inspection tourNow the cat is back at my stairs, looking up at the spiders I need to clean out of the windowBut, before the neighbour cat leaves, she has aa quick relaxing roll and rub on the stair carpet.

Kolka, my sister’s cat, having a very relaxed weekend. #caturday

Kolka, a black cat with a white spot on her chest, licking her chopsKolka, lying upside down on a sofa, looking up at the photographer (my sister)

“Luxembourg Copyright Case Against Jeff Dieschburg - Jingna Zhang Fashion, Fine Art & Beauty Photography”

“Apple Annie’s Weblog · CSS Color Modules and Changes, Part I”

“Modularity: Enabling Interoperability and Competition”

Whenever a company has reached a point where a very bad idea can wind its way all the way from conception to a grand launch without protest, there’s a decent chance the organisation’s monoculture has let poor judgement spread like mold through every nook and cranny

“Let’s dissect Apple’s terrible iPad ad and see what it says about understanding your customers”

At every turn, Apple and their ad agency used the language of cinema to create despair.


The nice thing about remote conferences is I can follow them while still enjoying the spring weather here in Iceland.

The view from my balcony. A large spruce and the summer sun.

“11ty’s International Symposium on Making Web Sites Real Good”

Following this now.

“Five Things: May 9, 2024 — As in guillotine…”

One of the more annoying things about modern tech and media is just how badly it’s all thought out. Your average high school student could figure out better strategies for a streamer or big tech co than the random, reactive, FOMO shit show that they’re now pretending is a premediated plan

“Don’t publish slop”. Everybody agrees. Every dev in sight pats each other on the back. Programmers high-five each other.

“Don’t build tools that generate slop.” The room is empty. One person left a note saying they felt personally offended by the accusation. The note was written by ChatGPT.

“Browsers imply noopener for links in new tab”

“More layoffs for the flutter team 😬 : FlutterDev”

This thread on reddit on Google sacking a part of the Flutter team does a good job of highlighting the anxiety and chaos being caused by the now regular mass layoffs

“Bookending | everything changes”