Iceland living: overall quite nice. Closer to family: overall good. Manageable subarctic heatwaves. Loads of local food

Geological upside: geothermal heating

Geological downside: three volcanos simultaneously on the verge of erupting (Fagradalsfjall, Askja, Grímsvötn) 😬

I’ve said this before, but it’s kind of interesting how common it is for US-based ‘influencers’ on social media to adopt an evangelistic tone and tactics.

“Navigate, don’t search -”

“Just hit publish - Marco Heine - Freelance Web Developer”

Typescript is quite useful most of the time

I still regularly run into the situation where the types it has for browser APIs are either woefully incomplete or just plain wrong and it takes you hours to figure out just what obscure config you had wrong

“Open-Source Security: How Digital Infrastructure Is Built on a House of Cards - Lawfare”

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Bunch of good links in this one.

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“The cost of opinion – Dimitri Glazkov”

“When Leaders Talk About Innovation, Always Be Sceptical – Paul Taylor”

“What is Refactoring? - The Code Whisperer”

“On disavowing sexual assault – Going Medieval”

In the context of recent statements by those making the Game of Thrones spinoff. Subject matter warning, obv.

Back when I was working in the publishing crowdfunding scene, I was trying to explain what it was to my mother and after I had rambled on about tiers and sponsor listings for a while she just asked:

“Ah, so you mean tabula gratulatoria?”

Crowdfunding? Not invented by the internet

“GitHub - cloudflare/svg-hush”

“SQLite Internals: Pages & B-trees · Fly”

The web I experience as a user is a slog.

But browsers are fast

JS engines themselves are high performance environments used for responsive serverside apps. But JS, run by those same engines, is by far the slowest part of most websites

Feels like we could be doing better 😕

“The (Mostly) Complete Unicode Spiral – Terence Eden’s Blog”


const response = new Response(readableStream); const blob = await response.body();

…will collect the stream into a nice, neat Blob for you.

“TBM 31/52: Those Pesky Question-Askers - by John Cutler”

“Potential fabrication in research images threatens key theory of Alzheimer’s disease - Science - AAAS”


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“Adactio: Journal—Subscribing to newsletters”

This. Every major newsletter platform automatically provides RSS feeds. No need to clutter up your inbox.

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“Soft Deletion Probably Isn’t Worth It —”