“iOS 17.5 Bug May Also Resurface Deleted Photos on Wiped, Sold Devices - MacRumors” 😬😱😭

“The Future of 11ty (2024)—zachleat.com”

Only lasted for a moment

A rainbow over a commercial garden in the background. In the foreground there is a small old dilapidated warehouse that has seen better days.

I really don’t want to give up on the community on micro.blog but the constant reliability problems, the shoddy posting UI (pasting breaks undo, for example) and the general inattentiveness to old issues while churning out new apps and “AI” features is really making it hard.

micro.blog has just given up on trying to reliably cross-post, I see

But, dammit, I can’t. I love them too much. I am drawn back over and over


I’m in the bag. Not my first hypocrisy rodeo

from www.wired.com/story/gen… demonstrate why I dislike Paul Ford’s twee writing on tech and distrust people who love said writing

Making a note of all the “expert” commentators who seem genuinely surprised at the resistance “AI” is getting from the public and regulators. You don’t have to agree with the reasons, but they’re generally obvious with a basic analysis. Anybody surprised probably isn’t worth much as an analyst

“How Makers of Nonconsensual AI Porn Make a Living on Patreon”

“Known Purpose and Trusted Potential. – Faster and Worse”

“The New Golden Age of Black and White Photography - Photography | PentaxForums.com”

If I had a massive surplus of funds (LOL) I’d absolutely buy myself a monochrome sensor camera.

“Adactio: Journal—Baseline progressive enhancement”

Yet again, Jeremy says what I was thinking.

“People seem to be tired of reboots and superheroes. What can we do?”

“We could foster original work and new talent—let them make fresh movies that bring a new generation into cinemas?”

“Nah, let’s reboot an 80s TV show nobody’s heard about and then call the audience ungrateful when it flops”

“The four causes of writer’s block and what to do about them — Chocolate and Vodka”

“The Great Paradox of the U.S. Market!”

the best guess is still that this second investment bubble – in AI – will at least temporarily deflate and probably facilitate a more normal ending to the original bubble, which we paused in December 2022 to admire the AI stocks

“A.I. and the Silicon Valley Hype Machine”

Given these constraints, it seems just as likely to me that generative A.I. could end up like the Roomba, the mediocre vacuum robot that does a passable job when you are home alone but not if you are expecting guests.

“The wrong way to do Web Components | Go Make Things”

“‘Magical thinking’: hopes for sustainable jet fuel not realistic, report finds | Greenhouse gas emissions | The Guardian”

We’re not going to be able to wave a technological magic wand and make our current way of life environmentally sustainable. It’s just not going to happen

“Money (That’s What I Want)“

The tl;dr of this newsletter is: It’s difficult to do social purpose work at the moment because many of the larger organisations that have money don’t want to spend it. 

Been hearing this from a number of different organisations.

“Dark mode & accessibility myth by Stéphanie Walter - UX Researcher & Designer.”

I’m biased here because I’m one of those astigmatic+nearsighted people for whom dark mode makes everything much much harder to read.

“WebKit Features in Safari 17.5”

starting-style looks like a prime candidate for progressive enhancement

(Which does highlight an issue I have with Baseline. A feature that works with progressive enhancement is usable well before it has full browser support.)

“An Organizer’s Retrospective on the 11ty Conference—zachleat.com”

“Why Patching Globals Is Harmful - kettanaito.com”

“Squarespace to go private in $7 billion private-equity deal”


You can immediately tell who is using Linkedin’s “AI” features for writing comments because they all sound like they’re in an SNL sketch parodying MBA/Wall Street dickheads.

“The Collapse Is Coming. Will Humanity Adapt?”

what we’re dealing with is what is called a no-technological-solution problem. In other words, technology is not going to save us, real or imaginary.