“WTF is a Framework?”

Where I have a go at coming up with a constructive definition of what a framework is, in software development terms.

Starting to get distinct “Wired in the early 2000s” vibes from The Verge.

(This is not a good thing.)

“Constant churn in a software development team, both among the programmers and designers, is absolutely devastating. It is the death knell for a software project”


“Inclusion doesn’t come for free with open source software by Amy Hupe, content designer.”

“Obscure Things Power the Imagination - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

“Adactio: Links—Jack Rusher ☞ Classic HCI demos”

“Defensive CSS”

Not dug into this but seems useful in concept.

“Introducing iA Presenter, the story-based presentation app”

UI designs from iA are consistently interesting. Most organisations feel obligated to replicate the cliches of each app genre but iA’s apps always feel fresh

“Browsers, JSON, and FormData - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

FormData is great.

“Don’t build Cities of Nowhere – Dan Slimmon”

Posting this almost entirely for the Le Corbusier story.

“Don’t work with psychopaths. Unless you are a trained therapist. - by Livia Labate - Medium”

“Dialogs, modality and popovers seem similar. How are they different? - hidde.blog”

“Mastodon is just blogs”

Blogs remain the reference point for federated social media.

“Position Statement for the 2022 W3C TAG Election – Lea Verou”

One of the smartest people in web dev. And not beholden to any of the big tech cos.

“What Does The Back/Forward Cache Mean For Site Speed? - DebugBear”

From an end user perspective this feature is almost like magic.

“Adactio: Journal—Negativity bias”

View Transition API shipping for both SPAs and MPAs would be a breakthrough for web dev.

You need both because it, combined with the Navigation API could simplify SPAs greatly.

“Is Open Graph Protocol dead? – Terence Eden’s Blog”

“Adactio: Journal—Time for transitions”

I’m a bit conflicted about this. I share his excitement but the scaremongering seems unwarranted. Spec writers have repeatedly said they know how important a multi-page version is

“Removing the camera overlay icon on images in Microsoft Edge - Christian Heilmann”

I absolutely hate this feature. Glad I could turn it off. Wish I could prevent Edge from adding features like it in the future.

“Privacy as Product”

“Your compliance obligations under the UK’s Online Safety Bill; or, welcome to hell – Hi, I’m Heather Burns”

The UK Online Safety Bill is back on the cards for Sunak’s government and, although they’ve dropped one onerous features, there are a bunch more

When it comes to all trends digital, I’m less interested in questions like “is it legal?” or “is it ethical?” than I am in questions like “is it a dick move?”

And it’s almost always a dick move

“Invasive Diffusion: How one unwilling illustrator found herself turned into an AI model”

The AI crowd in one breath talks about generated art being additive and just a tool and in the next breath tries to replace the artist completely

“Why Musicians & Other Creative Professionals Will Soon Get Their Revenge on the Old Guard”

Interesting points. I’m a bit more pessimistic myself but it’s nice to see an optimistic take.

“Don’t remove a fence until you know why it was put up in the first place”