“Diving Deep on S3 Consistency”

“Design for reading: tips for optimizing content for Reader modes and reading apps”

“Solve The Problem You’ve Got, Not The One You Want”

‘I strongly encourage developers to solve the problem in front of them, and not to meander off’

“The economics of JavaScript web apps - Mike Carter”

Been saying this for a while but tech, paradoxically, doesn’t actually like to pay attention to costs.

“Newfound brain structure explains why some birds are so smart—and maybe even self-aware - Science - AAAS”

“Sexism, Racism, Toxic Positivity, and TailwindCSS”

“The criticisms aren’t incorrect or invalid, and they need to be stated.”

“Criticism pushes the web forward”

“inessential: What It Was Like to Sell Apps Online in 2003”

I haven’t bought software in a physical box since the 90s. Apple pretending that online-sold software was invented with the App Store is disgraceful

“A useful fiction - A Working Library”

“Understanding Architectural Scale: Tabletops and landscapes - by Sarah R. Barrett - Known Item - May, 2021 - Medium”

“Feedback is a Mirror – Rands in Repose”

“Why You Should Have Few Meetings 🔋 - Refactoring”

“Why we hate specifications. Written specifications (user stories or… - by Thorbjørn Sigberg - Medium”

“Stop wasting time on the backlog! - by Thorbjørn Sigberg - Medium”

“Mac-Like – Worms and Viruses”

The excellent ‘Mac-like’ third party apps are the only reason why I miss using the Mac.

“How to Stop Getting Defensive - Psychology Today UK”

“The Limitations of Economies of Scale”


Scale often increases costs but because it also moves it around that isn’t immediately obvious to managers

“On the Criteria To Be Used in Decomposing Systems into Modules”

A classic 25 year old paper.

“Unicode symbol as text or emoji · mts.io”

“The State of CSS Cross-Browser Development - Ahmad Shadeed”

“Efficiency is the Enemy”

“Shadow DOM and Its Effect on the Unofficial Styling API - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

“Web History, Chapter 8: CSS - CSS-Tricks”

“🚨 How Basecamp blew up - Platformer”


Idle thought: most Open Source Software, certainly most OSS on npm, shouldn’t be OSS but should instead be educational resources: blog posts, online courses, video tutorials, etc. You’d both have fewer burned out OSS maintainers and fewer dependency exploits that way.