People bathe in the warm Laugarvatn lake

A gull flies through a faint mist of flies. The volcano Hekla peeks through the haze behind

The old boarding school at Laugarvatn, now a hotel

“Toxic Positivity & The Decline of UX - by UX Uncensored - Medium”

“Pixels of the Week – July 18, 2021 by Stéphanie Walter - UX Researcher & Designer.”

“Underjord - Trust in Software, an All Time Low”

Software quality in general seems to be deteriorating. Ease-of-use, reliability, even aesthetics have taken a hit.

“Accessibility of the section element -”

‘Semantically, the section specifies an explicit “section” in the document outline, but this is not actually exposed in reality’

“Hobson’s Browser - Infrequently Noted”

“How many happy users did your product have this month? - Christian Heilmann”

“Collections: The Queen’s Latin or Who Were the Romans? Part III: Bigotry and Diversity at Rome – A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry”

“America’s Abstract Freedom”

“A bad accessibility trend I’ve noticed – Eric Bailey”

“Stop the Medium”

“The rise of JavaScript compilers and micro-libraries - Go Make Things”

“Tip: not everyone has macOS to hide those ugly scrollbars”

“A privacy war is raging inside the W3C”


Parts of the W3C have been dysfunctional (and coopted by ad cos, remember Google) for quite a long while now. But it seems to be escalating.

Pretty much, yeah.

“D.C. Circuit overturns FDA ban on shock device for disabled students - Reuters”

The US keeps descending into cartoon villainy.

“Scroll Snap Challenges - Adrian Roselli”

“Redesign: Content Migration ・ Robin Rendle”

One problem with being an early adopter of projects like Astro is you don’t know yet what the second-order effects are of the core design decisions

“How Intel Financialized and Lost Leadership in Semiconductor Fabrication - naked capitalism”

I see the Personal Knowledge Management industry (what used to be called ‘notes’) is becoming even more cult-like than before. I expect people to step up their rhetoric to ‘singularity’ (aka rapture for nerds) levels soon.

“Behind the scenes, AWS Lambda”

“Decentralization and the templated society”

“Discovery vs. Design - Silicon Valley Product Group”