“Why not React? - DEV Community”

“CSS Shorthand Syntax Considered an Anti-Pattern – CSS Wizardry – Web Performance Optimisation”

This is good advice.

“Accessibility is not binary | Erik Kroes - Accessibility Consultant”

“Writers: use the Spoken Content accessibility feature to have your Mac and iPad read words and help you proof text”

This is a useful tactic for those who can’t just read the text aloud themselves because it would disturb the coworkers/family/cat

“AI data training companies like Scale AI are hiring poets - Rest of World”


“Bullet Points: Oh-just-shut-up edition - by Dave Karpf”

“Blocking AI Scraper Bots - Chris Coyier”

“Adactio: Links—Get it shipped — building better relationships with Devs”

“Get it shipped — building better relationships with Devs | by Ness Grixti | Sep, 2023 | Redesigning Design Systems”

“Impostor phenomenon’s origin story — Chocolate and Vodka”

Interesting deep dive.

“Microsoft AI researchers mistakenly leaked 38TB of company data”

Reporting on all of Microsoft’s security booboos would be a full-time job, but I’d just like to reiterate: 1. They’re consistently bad at security. 2. These are the adults in the room when it comes to AI vendors.

“Adactio: Links—Tailwind, and the death of web craftsmanship”

“Tailwind, and the death of web craftsmanship”

I’ve wondered too about the field’s refusal to reevaluate tech, sticking with ideas about CSS, HTML, and JS that haven’t been correct for a while now, and the lack of curiosity about the foundation we’re building on

“Browser Video Players Review”

“A (more) Modern CSS Reset - Andy Bell”

“Go Direct — Audacious”

There should rarely be more than three people involved in delivering feedback from one person to another: the giver, the receiver, and (possibly) a trusted third party. Beyond that, problems arise.

“38TB of data accidentally exposed by Microsoft AI researchers | Wiz Blog”

Over the past thirty years Microsoft has been absolutely consistent about one thing: being horrible at software security.

“WebKit Features in Safari 17.0 | WebKit”

Looks like a solid release.

“AI at the Crossroads – EduGeek Journal”

So, Hveragerði is a quiet town and I live next door to the Geothermal Park. This means that if I have the window open in my home office, I regularly hear the sound of a cloud of steam erupting, followed by a host of loud “oohs” and “aahs” from the tourists 😄️

“The JS community on Twitter is dead.”


“Sustainability and Tech and Us · Jens Oliver Meiert”

What I find troubling is how in tech, we’re truly exceptionally bad at sustainability

So exceptionally bad that it’s a reliable gauge for what you should do: whatever is the opposite of what we do in tech

“Which Kinds of Tests Should I Write? Revisited - The Code Whisperer”

“Notes from “Weathering Software Winter” by Devine Lu Linvega - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

“The Rules of Margin Collapse”

Honestly, margin collapse in CSS was probably a bad idea and because I’m a lazy person I’ve mostly switched to flex/grid + gap to create this sort of spacing