“Cloudflare Pages Goes Full Stack”

I know that the punditry keeps saying that Cloudflare is ‘circling’ AWS but in the short term they look more intent on mopping up the AWS meta-platforms. Like Netlify and Vercel.

It seems to be the norm for smart people to utterly lack self-awareness, esp. if they are young.

Smart people who are blind to their own prejudices, anger, and biases scare me much more than the supposedly ignorant.

“Sticky CSS Grid Items - Melanie Richards”

“Using Position Sticky With CSS Grid - Ahmad Shadeed”

“Adactio: Journal—Tracking”

“Line length revisited: following the research - CSS-Tricks”

The flaw in the original research is something I see a lot: research focuses on something that feels like an error without making certain it actually is an error.

“wrangler 2.0 — a new developer experience for Cloudflare Workers”

They did the right thing and integrated miniflare.

“I will pay you cash to delete your npm module”

That’s one way to address the problem.

“Thinking of uses for BlockChains – Terence Eden’s Blog”

Kevin Kelly is wrong so often that you usually learn more by assuming he’s wrong and work out what faulty assumptions led to his conclusion

“The Software Slip — Pixel Envy”

All software dev is broken, but Apple’s seem especially broken.

“Michael Tsai - Blog - Apple Software Quality in 2021”

“Don’t soften feedback. - Lara Hogan”

“Individuals matter”

Like I’ve been saying for a while, the reason why most modern software is broken is that modern management is broken.

“Your CSS is an interface – Eric Bailey”

“If Apple keeps letting its software slip, the next big thing won’t matter - Macworld”

The issues mentioned here are only scratching the surface. Software dev at Apple is seriously dysfunctional

“A random man walks into my office and asks if I’m single… - Stephanie Stimac’s Blog”

“Apple, Its Control Over the iPhone, and The Internet — MatthewBall.vc”

“Tale of the Tape: Highlight.js vs Shiki - Begin”

The only thing I’d add is that you should also go and read the code of each potential dependency. I’ve had deps that won out on all other points but I noped out when I saw how it was written.


The irony of the view-source drama is that the fearmongers are siccing their attack dogs on one of the devs who actually cares about view-source and, not only writes thoughtfully about it here but has been fixing it in Chrome.

The fear-mongering over Chrome updating an enterprise policy feature to let device admins block ‘view-source is kind of mind-boggling. “They’re letting websites block view-source!” No, they’re not. This entire drama is just pure, unadulterated scaremongering for attention.

“Notes on Web3”

If anything, Robin is being too generous towards Web3.

“Adactio: Articles—The State Of The Web”

Gonna link to this again ‘cause it’s so good.

Web dev communities seem to be one part “X is bad UX, unusable on mobile, inaccessible, and an all-around bad idea” mixed with ten parts of “here’s how you implement X using unstable tech you shouldn’t be using!” with a very rare “here’s how you do the right thing” as a garnish

“Microsoft and the Metaverse – Stratechery by Ben Thompson”

An interesting insight into the mind of somebody thoroughly converted to a new buzzword. (That VR, even perfectly implemented, is good for work is completely unproven.)

“System76: A Case Study on How Not To Collaborate With Upstream – Chris’s Design & Development”