JFC, it’s like the past few years’ discussions on bias in training data and issues with shortcut learning in AI models just didn’t happen at all?

Like, our industry didn’t take in any of it, did it?

“Modern Font Stacks”

“How to tell if AI threatens YOUR job”

I’ve come to a pretty grim, if obvious, realization: the more excited someone is by the prospect of AI making their job easier, the more they should be worried.

Interesting take.

Remember when we had the ostensibly reasonable side of the tech influencer sphere saying that web3 was too big to fail?

Good times. Good times.

Not a deranged industry at all.

“Microsoft just laid off one of its responsible AI teams”

Building an ethics and responsibility team for AI is a productive way of getting all the troublemakers into one room to get rid of them all at once.

“The climate cost of the AI revolution • Wim Vanderbauwhede”

From this it is clear that large-scale adoption of LLMs would lead to unsustainable increases in ICT CO₂ emissions.

“All data is health data. – Hi, I’m Heather Burns”

It is merely contextual. So you need to think of all of your data inputs, collections, and sharing, in that contextual way.

“Don’t ask an AI for plant advice • Tradescantia Hub”

Using AI for specialist problems (which is most of them) is a trap. The AI will lie confidently and you won’t have the expertise to spot the lie

“TBM 205: “Process” vs. Systems & Habits - by John Cutler”

“It Took Me Nearly 40 Years To Stop Resenting Ke Huy Quan - Decider”

This is so touching.

“Craft vs Industry: Separating Concerns - hello, yes. I’m Thomas Michael Semmler: CSS Developer, Designer & Developer from Vienna, Austria”

Lovely to see AI critics split into adversarial factions over Liliputian which-end-of-the-egg details when the hype crowd stands united around bullshit and false promises.

“Vanderbilt Apologizes for ChatGPT-Generated Email”

Like I’ve said before, the technical term for somebody who uses AI to write their emails is “asshole”.

“Influencer Parents and Their Children Are Rethinking Growing Up On Social Media - Teen Vogue”

“Startup Winter is Coming - Stacking the Bricks”

A few years’ old but very accurate.

“The long shadow of GPT - by Gary Marcus”

I’ve tried hard in my research to be even-handed—try to get a realistic sense of the pros and cons of this tech

But, man, does it seem tailor-made for fraud and misinformation

“The Exploited Labor Behind Artificial Intelligence”

The “AI” industry runs on the backs of these low-wage workers, who are kept in precarious positions

“Artists can now opt out of generative AI. It’s not enough.”

the problems that generative AI creates are structural and collective. They cannot be solved by pushing the responsibility to individuals.

“Can ChatGPT—and its successors—go from cool to tool? - Freedom to Tinker”

Where somebody tries to use ChatGPT to do a thing it’s absolutely not capable of.

“’Horribly Unethical’: Startup Experimented on Suicidal Teens on Social Media With Chatbot”

We’re going to see more of this kind of thing. Hype leads people to cut corners and the hype is just beginning.

“Disability, Bias, and AI :: Aaron Gustafson”

“Employees Are Feeding Sensitive Business Data to ChatGPT”

I’m guessing that the reason why OpenAI changed their data retention policy the other day is that they knew these stories would be popping up.

“Large Language Models and software as a medical device - MedRegs”

“More than you’ve asked for: A Comprehensive Analysis of Novel Prompt Injection Threats to Application-Integrated Large Language Models - Papers With Code”

“I tested how well ChatGPT can pull data out of messy PDFs”

Bullshitting, misgendering, typo injection, and a 1-6% error rate 😬

Using these tools to extract structured data from unstructured seems like a huge mistake.