Took these two photos just for fun.

A colour photo of the rusty wheel that controls the valve on this pipe, which channels geothermally heated water from the hot springs.We have a tiny park here in Hveragerði. This is the view from its centre. You can see trees, the mountains in the distance, and a hint of a column of steam rising from a hit spring.

This is one of the houses that the cat rescue, Villikettir Suðurlands, uses to shelter cats until they find homes. You can see a couple of cats lounging in the window and enjoying being inside.

(This is the rescue where my sister got her cat Kolka.)

A black and white photo of a small and relatively old house covered in corrugated iron as was the style at the time.

There are few things more relaxing than listening to a waterfall, even a small one like this one in Varmá. I should do this more often.

A black and white photo of a small waterfall in the river Varmá. Jutting out from one side of the picture is the ruined wall that's all that's left of the old wool factoryAnother view of the waterfall in Varmá. The wall is straight down the centre of the imageThe waterfall again. You can see the outline of the small factory more clearly from the ruined walls.Some tourists close to the river doing something touristy, like appreciating the environment

“Tailwind marketing and misinformation engine”

Friðmundur’s cat is on Þorvaldur’s tractor again.

A grey and white cat is loafing on the roof of a tractor. The tractor has a handpainted license plate taped to its rear window.

“ChatGPT 4 fails at solving a Captcha and progress is slow”

Some things feel fast because they are being completely misrepresented and don’t work the way they are portrayed. More often than you think there is a person behind the curtain playing the role of the computer.

“AI hiring tools may be filtering out the best job applicants - BBC Worklife”…

“Rotten Apple”

All Apple is being asked to do is offer the same level of choice on mobile that everyone already enjoys on their computers. Rather than comply reasonably, Apple have found a way to throw their toys of the pram.

“The digital equivalent of wearing a fake Chanel bag”

“‘AI’ is pretty much just shorthand for mediocre”

This happened more quickly than I had expected, but it’s a pretty darn mainstream sentiment by now.

Even talk radio personalities here in Iceland make “AI” quips now when they talk about how mediocre something is

“Air Canada found liable for chatbot’s bad advice on plane tickets | CBC News”

Now that we’re in a bubble, regular companies are diving into the chatbot hype and they’re discovering that non-US countries have actual consumer protection laws.

Quite a few people have a rule of thumb that anybody who has self-published a book on a topic is a bullshitter shilling product

I get why but it’s frustrating when you’ve actually done the research

Just adds to my sense that writing the book in question was probably a mistake 😕

This is neat

“Syntax highlighting code blocks with Prism and the Custom Highlight API”

“Zero to Unmaintainable in 1.2 Commands - Jim Nielsen’s Blog”

“Against Technoableism | A Working Library”

“Advocating for Protections for the Information Ecosystem | by Emily M. Bender | Feb, 2024 | Medium”

“Apple makes it official: No Home Screen web apps in the EU • The Register”

This is disappointing. This effectively kills off iOS web apps in the EU because iOS wipes regular web data for a site after a week of inactivity. The only way to get around that was with installation

No matter whether you’re talking about Apple’s thingamajiggy or “AI”, it’s risky to assume the inevitability of technical progress. The constant progress we saw in tech was contingent on unusually broad globalisation, political stability, and a massive surplus of resources

People keep defending Mozilla along these lines:

“This single thing you’re criticising them for isn’t as bad as you make out”

What the defenders don’t get is that the angry reactions are backlash pars pro toto. The individual fuck-up is a stand-in for years of constant fuckery

“Bootstrapped to death: why America’s favourite saying is strangling mobility — Joan Westenberg”

“Achievements will no longer be available in the Community · community · Discussion #106536 · GitHub”

Dollars to donuts that the rise in spam posts is directly caused by the availability of LLM chatbots.

“File over app — Steph Ango”

Anybody who’s had to deal with software over a meaningful period of time knows this to be true, but I struggle with how to apply this to web-based software in a world where neither Firefox nor Safari are interested in the show*Picker family of APIs

“Some use cases for revert-layer - Piccalilli”

“Mozilla downsizes as it refocuses on Firefox and AI: Read the memo | TechCrunch”

Going forward, the company said in an internal memo, Mozilla will focus on bringing “trustworthy AI into Firefox.”

Well fuck. That’s my preferred browser going down the toilet.