“Launching a new course with a massively discounted Black Friday bundle”


Launching a new course/web-book and it’s available with both my ebooks and a bonus video series in discounted a $49 bundle until Monday

Anyway, I’m probably going to be mentioning both the new course and the Black Friday bundle several times over the next few days, so apologies in advance. 🙂️

“Launching a new course with a massively discounted Black Friday bundle”


Excited and nervous. Launching a new course/web-book and making everything worthwhile I’ve done available for $49 bucks until Monday

“Adactio: Links—Shadow DOM is for hiding your shame”

“Shadow DOM is for hiding your shame”

“The Failed Commodification Of Technical Work — Ludicity”

This is what drove most of the changes to software dev over the past decade. The purpose of React and code copilots both is to let managers replace specialists with a CADT while still maintaining consistent output

“CSS { In Real Life } | Why You Should Hold Onto Your Devices For Longer”

The biggest environmental impact of computing—by a huge margin—is from manufacturing the devices. Emissions from bandwidth or storage are negligible in comparison.

“The Bluffer’s Guide to Managing The Development of Large Software Systems – Codemanship’s Blog”

I love this series of bluffers guides to texts that are important to software development. Highly recommended.

“The CSS property you didn’t know you needed 👈 - DEV Community”

And it looks like the isolate property is more widely supported than I expected.

“Don’t Use Fixed CSS height or width on Buttons, Links, or Any Other Text Containers | Ashlee M Boyer”

“openai-message-to-board.md · GitHub”

It’s next to impossible for an outsider to gauge the accuracy of texts like these, but the fact remains that the entire drama surrounding OpenAI still feels unexplained and this sounds more plausible than not.

“Google’s New Gmail Tool Is Hallucinating Emails That Don’t Exist”

This tech is just so incredibly broken.

“git branches: intuition & reality”

“Binance gets hit with crypto’s worst possible fate: compliance – Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain”

We’ll rapidly find out how much of Binance’s turnover really was crime.

My hopes for a snow-free winter have been dashed.

The pavement by my front door. Covered with snow.

“No feature”

A writing app that thinks for you is a robot that does your jogging.

Interesting analysis. I still think they (and most of tech) are substantially overestimating the capability and utility of LLMs, but it’ll be interesting to see what ideas they have.

“Desktop progressive web applications | Trys Mudford”

“Apple Annie’s Weblog · Working for a Living When Your Living isn’t Working, Part III”

“The Bluffer’s Guide to The Design of Everyday Things – Codemanship’s Blog”

‘A startup is pitching a mind-uploading service that is “100 percent fatal” | MIT Technology Review’

It certainly looks like Silicon Valley is devolving into competing branches of a singularity cult.

“ChatGPT Replicates Gender Bias in Recommendation Letters | Scientific American”

A new study has found that the use of AI tools such as ChatGPT in the workplace entrenches biased language based on gender

Recording some audio for a bonus feature for the Black Friday bundle. 😁

A home office with a nice microphone on a stand a chair and some shelves.

The thought pops into my head that free/open source, and by extension software in general, shares many characteristics with “creative” industries such as publishing or music

The foundation of these industries is unpaid passion labour that’s treated as disposable.

“Comic Book Page Rates again: lower than they were 14 years ago”

It’s becoming increasingly hard to have anything that resembles a career in many of the so-called creative industries. Pay is low, esp. when you consider the amount of work involved or people’s experience

“The Tension and Future of Jamstack—zachleat.com”