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Google tries to pull a fast one on an ad blocker, before back-tracking after complaints

As an organisation Google continues to pull stunts on partners and other vendors that undermine the fabric of the web (excessive ads and tracking scripts are the single biggest threat to web UX there is) all the while blaming literally everybody else for the decline of the web.

‘uBlock Origin: Dev build 1.22.5rc1 “REJECTED” from Chrome Web Store’

Also, note the typical tactic of first blocking or pulling something then backtracking and calling it a mistake once they’re called on it. This is an intentional* strategy designed to create uncertainty among businesses that threaten their core advertising model.

* “Intentional” does not mean explicitly planned. It could be a planned strategy but more likely it’s achieved through both direct and indirect incentives ─ certain behaviours are more likely to further your career at Google ─ and selective under- or over-funding of parts of your organisation, which means that upper management can achieve their intended strategic goal with a high degree of plausible deniability and without having to micromanage or ‘herd cats’ (so to speak).

This tactic has the additional benefit of letting you hire and keep employees who are genuinely idealistic and whose ideals are in diametric opposition to the organisation’s overall goals. They think they are reforming and fixing a flawed, possibly misguided organisation while they are actually enabling a company whose intent and purpose directly contravenes their ideals.