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... works as a web developer in Hveragerði, Iceland, and writes about the web, digital publishing, and web/product development

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Modern Operating systems

  • macOS: We break everything for a few weeks once a year. Just take your summer holiday in the autumn! You have a summer holiday, right?
  • Desktop Linux: These 10 things are awesome and you can configure them to be exactly the way you like. These 100 things are always broken and will never be fixed. That’s the deal, take it or leave it.
  • ChromeOS: we break one thing every six weeks. You better hope it isn’t something you rely on.
  • Android: That walk you took yesterday took you past these six businesses. Here are their ads. Also, good luck finding apps that aren’t malware or spam.
  • iOS: Use the great camera on your iPhone. Enjoy it for those few fleeting moments before Photos loses your picture to the iCloud black hole.
  • Windows: Delve through [SECURITY UPDATE] layers of pristinely [UPDATE!] preserved OS [UPDATE MUST KEEP SAFE!] user interface paradigms [DANGER! DANGER! UPDATE!] dating back thirty years that [MALWARE IS OUT THERE! UPDATE!] in no way work together or make sense.
  • iPadOS: The greatest productivity platform ever! As long as you don’t code. Or need to install custom apps. Or need to write scripts. Or need to use command line tools. Or need the added screen real estate that comes from proper multi-monitor support. As long as all your work can be done on a single screen with these 30 or so subscription-based apps that are usable, great!