Why I’m Skeptical About Google’s New ChromeOS Tablet

“The Pixel Slate: first look at Google’s new tablet - The Verge”

Because my Samsung Plus Chromebook is such a shitty, broken device, I’m in the market for a new home computer. In theory this device might fit the bill but even if the stability issues I have with ChromeOS are specific to my (crap, really crap) device you still have the issue where Android Tablet apps still kind of suck.

Windows, macOS, and iOS (iPad) all have a small number of apps that are genuinely amazing. The Android tablet apps I’ve tried are at best okay. And native ChromeOS apps are web apps that usually work just as well on other platforms (even if they occasionally and unfortunately require Chrome).

The main reason to choose a ChromeOS device is if it is substantially cheaper than the competition. But this device is more expensive than most iPads and and costs similar to but is less powerful than a Surface Pro.

So I’m not entirely sure what they’re going for here.

Baldur Bjarnason @baldur