Quotes from "Autism from the inside"

A lot of this sounds familiar to me.

The DSM-5 only ever mentions the phenomenon of sensory sensitivity as a subset of the ‘Restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour’, and yet this, for many autistics, is routinely described as the experience from which many of the observable autistic behaviours derive: the repetitive movements (known as self-stimulatory behaviour or ‘stimming’), withdrawal from social contact, ‘extreme distress at small changes’ and ‘inflexible adherence to routines’ are often responses to being sensorily overwhelmed, and are aimed at managing chaotic environments and bringing about pleasant feelings to counteract unpleasant ones.

And this especially.

I do not spend my time wondering, naively, what’s going on, or questioning the exact, literal meaning of everything neurotypical people say, but, distracted, I lose my words sometimes, or muddle them, or slur. Or else I go into a kind of overdrive, and pour out a barrage of speech that might not be measured, or appropriate, or relevant. As an adult, I have mostly learned to moderate this, but it’s not always effective.

From “Autism from the inside”.

It’s about the cliched depictions of people on the autism spectrum in media. Recommended.

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